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Our good friends at Fiji Airways, winner of the best livery 2013 in our Top 10 Liveries have now extended their brand to the domestic and regional carrier Pacific Sun. Pacific Sun, since the new re-branding of Fiji’s International airline, has been at odds with the earthy colours and sophisticated cabins, although obviously the friendly and heartfelt service remains.

Launched recently, the new livery for Fiji Link is a wonderful addition to the Fiji Airways family. Very similar in design, yet still unique, the tail-fin art will sit proudly on the ATR’s that will come into service in mid 2014. As for the name, Fiji Link, this was decided through a competition run by the airline, to come up with names from the fans and travellers, and staff of the airline, to help find a name that worked and that Fiji could be proud of. When the competition closed, there were 4 main runners for the name, (Although these won’t be revealed) and the winner Fiji Link, was a clear winner with over 60% of the votes.

'Fiji Link' wordmark

Shaenaz Voss, Pacific Sun’s General Manager said: “In our further unprompted public surveys, the word ‘Link’ was a clear preference as a key term for the new name. It was extremely important to us that our staff, particularly the Pacific Sun team, were part of the decision making process. ‘Fiji Link’ is an appropriate name for our airline and like its parent Fiji Airways, ‘Fiji Link’ will fly the Fijian flag wherever it flies. As an important part of our regional network, the airline will embody Fiji’s position as a hub and gateway to the South Pacific. We are reinventing ourselves with this rebrand and once completed, our customers and the people of the Fiji will experience a new level of service excellence from ‘Fiji Link’.”


Its basic and functional name shouldn’t detract from the fact this is now one solidly connected and unified brand. The new ATR72s should also provide extra comfort and a modern cabin for travellers, and with the uniforms that will no doubt be run out (still unconfirmed) across the fleet, expect to see plenty more of the wonderful Fijian prints bringing colour and design to an otherwise understated, clean and crisp cabin.

We love the design once again by Fiji Airways, and the fact it has subtle differences from the mainline Fiji Airways livery. Fiji Airways has used the Teteva and the Makare motifs on the tail again designed by renowned Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matemosi, which have huge cultural significance, and are proudly a prominent part of the Fiji Airways brand. We can’t help but feel it’s a similar ethos to the O’hana by Hawaiian regional airline. (Not that this is a bad thing) We are hoping to do a review of the Fiji Airways experience early next year, so subscribe if you haven’t already so you are the first to see our full report on this new Pacific gem.

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