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So we don’t usually offer updates on hotels, but the new ‘Out Of The Blue’ jetty structure at Soneva Fushi, Maldives is so impressive, it’s almost like having a new hotel to write about. The two-storey overwater structure, (not as large as the one at Soneva Jani – but just as impressive) houses five brand new dining experiences, from intimate settings of just five diners presided over by world-famous chefs, to large alfresco shared dining areas.

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Central to this new dining outlet is the eponymous 50-seater, all-day dining area Out of the Blue, which hosts a number of different kitchens offering international dishes such as pizza, salad, grilled meats and seafood. This space shares a seating area with the Chinese and Modern Japanese Kitchens and lets guests choose between sitting under cover or on the open deck.

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Soneva’s whimsical names for their food outlets come to life once again. Here guests will also find So Hot, which includes the Tandoor Oven, Robata Grill, Josper Grill, Pizza Oven and So Chilled, the chocolate and ice-cream parlour. So Fresh is the first overwater organic greenhouse in the Maldives, where guests can hand-pick the ingredients they wish to have in their salad themselves. Soneva Fushi’s cheese room, So Cheesy, is also part of the offerings.

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However, the Maldives most exclusive dinner reservation can also be found on this  Some of the most famous names in the culinary world will be hosting dinners at “Once Upon a Table”, only open for dinner. The unusual horseshoe-shaped table seats a mere eight diners for up-close and personal dining experiences with Michelin-starred chefs and chefs from San Pellegrino’s Top 100 list. Included in this lineup are more than 30 of the world’s top chefs. Once Upon a Table has no menu, meaning dinners are always a surprise.

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If you want to know what the resort also offers, from glass blowing studios to its own outdoor cinema, check out our full review of the resort here. Alternatively, why not find out which resort suits you best, including the stunning Soneva Kiri in Thailand with its own private airstrip.

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