Coinciding with the recent terminal’s expansion, Japan Airlines have revealed their brand new Haneda International Airport Lounges in Tokyo set to open March 30th 2014. The airline has enlarged the area of the original Sakura Lounge by about 2.5 times. There are now 314 seats in the main hall and 271 seats in the “Sky View” terrace lounge.

The first of it’s new concept of lounges, based under their “Welcome! New JAL Sky” banner and created by Mr. Ryu Kosaka, the famous interior designer from Japan, JAL aims to deliver the “Heart of Japan” and “Japanese Hospitality” to customers with its latest in revamped lounges.


According to their press release, the redesign is based on the concept of “Modern Japanese Style” – showing off a classic, cultivated style with abundant Japanese elements such as latticework, Sakura cherry blossom motifs and pieces of art. With a theme titled “room to room” – each lounge creates various spaces. This is based on a recent trend in trying to offer variety for regular passengers and also to make the large scale lounges feel more intimate. The new Sakura Lounges do just that, providing a spacious environment and delivers peace of mind to its customers.


The main Sakura Lounge is located at the center of departure area over two floors. Its entrance and dining room are on the 4th floor, and the 5th floor where customers can enjoy scenery of the runway and downtown. There is a Business corner available for customers who want to have a private place to work. New massage chairs installed in the lounge enable customers to relax themselves before they board their flights.


The newer lounge, called “Sky View” Is in the newer extension to the terminal on the 5th floor, and offers views of the domestic terminal and the apron, with each seat having an excellent view of the world outside utilising the large picture windows. We really love however, the new bar counter and large world map art from Mr. Souun Takeda which delivers a cultivated spirit of harmony.


When the lounge opens, it is sure to be a hit. Natural light colour tones, and earthy and plant derived textures are sure to calm the senses and make you feel like you are waiting for a flight in a breezy bamboo field. The design is complimented practically by a number of shower room and a newly established “multi-function restroom” with locker room and nursing room, including a thoughtful make-up corner provided in the ladies’ room. And of course, the popular “JAL Lounge Curry” and bread from “Masion Kayser” are still on offer supported by a seasonally changing buffet bar.

As a way of celebrating the new lounges, in collaboration with star chefs from JAL BEDD-SKY AUBERGE, limited amount of original “Temari” sushi will be served in the new Sakura lounge between March 30 and April 14, 2014. Yum. If you are lucky enough to come to the opening, Sakura soap will be given to Sakura Lounge users as a souvenir on March 30, 2014.

Flying in First?
JAL is preparing to revamp its international First Class Lounge at Haneda. The area for new First Class Lounge will be three times more than the current one on the 4th floor. The updated lounge is scheduled to be opened by the end of August. The priority corners in Sakura Lounges are available for customers who are eligible for using JAL First Class Lounge before the revamped lounge is opened.

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