With the recent arrival (end of last year) of its first Boeing 787 up to a total of 19, Aeromexico become the first airline in Mexico and the number 14th around the world to operate the aircraft. Aeromexico are proud of their 787, which will now operate on the flagship London Heathrow route. With the new arrival of the technologically advanced Boeing aircraft, Aeromexico are able to satisfy increasing demand to the UK Capital. The new aircraft will offer 243 seats, 32 of them on the airline’s new ‘Premier Class’ with flat beds and touch screen entertainment systems.

avion aeromexico 06

Increasing capacity by 70 seats per flight compared to their 767 that previously flew the route, the airline can not only transport more passengers, but offer a far superior product. Passengers flying to Mexico City are now also able to continue their journey to any of Aeromexico’s 45 domestic destinations in Mexico, 16 in the US, 13 in Latin America and one in Canada.

The airline’s new business class will also offer a 180 degree lie-flat bed. Exclusive menus will be designed by globally renowned chefs. A Luxury amenity kit and a personalised touch screen entertainment system, with a 16” elite high definition Panasonic screens, ‘seat chat’ and the Aeromexico juke box. Compared to the previous incarnation of the business class the airline uses in the 767 and 777, the lie-flat bed makes the journey a lot more comfortable, and the seat format of 2 x 2 x 2 works well, although not to the international 1 x 2 x 1 all-aisle-access format that larger long haul carriers offer.

avion aeromexico  44

In economy, passengers can make use of the 34″ seat pitch, which is a good couple of inches above international standard. All in all, this is great news for passengers on the MEX-LHR route and we look forward to taking a flight with them soon. Other routes the airline flies includes Paris, Tokyo, New York and Madrid.

avion aeromexico  51

Below is Aeromexico’s new Summer 2014 Schedule:

London – Mexico City
AM008 Departure 22:35 Arrival 05:30+1 Mon, Thu
AM008 Departure 18.50 Arrival 00:50+1 Sat

Mexico City – London
AM007 Departure 23:00 Arrival 16:05 Wed, Fri, Sun

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