Back in April, Air France unveiled its new advertising campaign called “Air France, France is in the air” in the printed press, with coverage in 12 countries (France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, USA, Italy, Japan, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland) as well as on the internet, social media and on the radio. But here at TheDesignAir we noticed the campaign in the UK recently, as it delights passers by with its tongue in cheek advertising aesthetic – and thought we should share this exciting campaign with you in case you hadn’t already seen it.


Created by the agency BETC, the new campaign consists of 6 visuals illustrating the services offered by Air France: the comfort of the A380, the new La Première cabin, the new Business cabin, gastronomy, the network and SkyPriority (priority channels at more than 1,000 airports). It is supplemented by 12 visuals depicting iconic destinations served by Air France (Paris, New York, Brazil, China, Japan, Africa, Italy, etc.).


“Air France, France is in the air” is part of the airline’s Transform 2015 plan. The visuals, created by the Argentine photographers Sofia & Mauro, create an effect of surprise by mixing heritage and modernity, while echoing Air Franceʼs past as a renowned poster specialist. Pleasure, youth and vitality emerge from images of the Moulin Rouge, the French Revolution, the Sun King, master chefs and haute couture.


We love the fun, lively and exciting posters, in line with the French lifestyle. The bright and offbeat tone creates a form of affinity and proximity with the public. The posters remind us of the designs found in 1930s that used to excite an audience who had yet to see the world. The beautifully styled photography sits perfectly with the image we have come to imagine from Air France – we look forward to seeing similar adverts in the future.


“2014 is the year of Air France’s commercial offensive, with the move upmarket of our products and services, the launch of new destinations, new ambition in terms of digital services as well as greater availability of our Mini fares. This new campaign is a major investment in our brand. It was designed to support our sales and is part of the objectives of the Transform 2015 plan” declared Frédéric Gagey, Chairman and CEO of Air France.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Air France Impress With A Nod To Nostalgia In Latest Campaign

  1. A terrific ad campaign! Air France has, over the course of its history, produced beautifully original posters. I remember flying First Class from Paris to Chicago, on a 747, and the covers of the dinner menus onboard featured different, colorful posters from Air France’s archives. After landing, the purser helped me go around the cabin, collecting all the menus left in seat pockets by my fellow passengers.

  2. A very French airline print ads. Looks fashionable by featuring notable fashion models, like Bette Franke and Ali Michael.

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