Hawaiian Airlines

To celebrate Hawaiian Airlines’ second anniversary of service to Auckland, the acclaimed New Zealand artist duo “BMD” traveled to Honolulu to create a piece of artwork on the carrier’s ground service equipment, illustrating the cultural similarities and differences of both regions. In the spirit of transitory street art, the catering vehicle that was selected was originally painted up by Kamea Hadar, co-lead director of POW! WOW! Hawai‘i and a team of local artists in October of 2014. We covered the work here.

Hawaiian Airlines

These über-cool temporary, mobile art installations transform the usually drab ground service vehicles, providing artists with a unique platform for their work and employees and customers the enjoyment of art and design at Honolulu International Airport.

Hawaiian Airlines

Originally from New Plymouth, these two creatives known collectively as BMD are gaining a name for themselves with large scale art works in public spaces in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.  Reluctant to reveal their true identities (known now only to Hawaiian Airlines probably due to their need for tickets and airside passes), the pair have been commissioned to work on art projects for Microsoft NZ, Google Australia and more. New Zealanders may have been spotted BMD’s work on Karangahape Road, at Silo Park, Auckland and Wellington, Christchurch and New Plymouth.

It took BMD a little over 50 hours to prime and paint the entire vehicle, which features the natural landscapes, the native animals and the cultures of Hawaii and New Zealand. Hawaiian images including volcanoes, waka, native animals and indigenous language feature on one side, and New Zealand references including kiwi, Maui’s dolphin, ferns, weta and Maori iconography feature on the other.

Hawaiian Airlines

So we ask, which do you like more, the original or the new one? Let us know by voting below!


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