Introducing Qantas’ new premium lounge at London Heathrow. Opening early 2017 Image 1
Artists Impression, Qantas Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 3

London seems to be gaining a lot of new lounges this year, with OneWorld carriers Cathay Pacific and Qantas both giving a facelift to their ground operations. The Australia carrier announced last week that the next location for its flagship global lounge will be at Heathrow airport with construction to begin in September 2016.

While T3 in Heathrow will be the next terminal to be redeveloped, there are a few years left in the terminal yet. The new premium lounge will occupy a split-level space and will have capacity for roughly 230 people, offering views over the airfield when it opens in early 2017.

Introducing Qantas’ new premium lounge at London Heathrow. Opening early 2017 image 2
Artists Impression, Qantas Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 3

As well as combining the signature features of Qantas’ award-winning facilities in other ports, it will also feature local touches to make the design and experience distinctively ‘London’.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the time was right for fresh investment in the national carrier’s presence at the world’s second-busiest international airport, particularly given the continued strong performance of Qantas International.

Qantas Domestic Lounge, Perth, Australia

“The Kangaroo Route is at the heart of Qantas’ identity and London remains one of our most important destinations,” Mr Joyce said. “We want the first dedicated Qantas lounge at Heathrow to be something special.

Qantas Hong Kong Lounge
Qantas Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport

“Our lounges in Australia and overseas are often named among the world’s best. Customers love them and we make regular improvements based on what they tell us they’d like to see next.” Mr Joyce mentions about being named the World’s best lounge by TheDesignAir.

Qantas Lounge in TBIT, Los Angeles International Airport

“We’re very proud of the new lounges we’ve launched over the past three years in Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Perth – with Brisbane to follow this year – and we’re excited to be bringing this successful formula to our customers in London.”


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