Schiphol Airport has recently released the artists impressions for their new Pier A which will be open end of 2019. Eventually supported by the new terminal at Schiphol (opening in 2023) the airport will expand its capacity and the pair of architectural projects will enhance the airport and continue to position the airport as a leading European hub for air transport.


New pier design

Schiphol chose the design by team AECOM – cepezed in collaboration with Imd, dGmR and Copijn.


The new pier will feature five gates for narrow-body aircraft on the north side and three gates for wide-body aircraft on the south side. The gates on the south side can also be used to accommodate six narrow-body aircraft.


Two wide-body gates will be added to the south side at a later stage. The foundation for the new pier has now been laid. This involved, among other things, removing 20,000 m2 of concrete and driving more than 1,000 piles.


With 55,000 square metres – the new pier equals 11 football pitches. Not only the most beautiful, it will also be the most sustainable pier at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, thanks to design elements such as biomaterial, insulating glass and reusable plastic and marble rubblework tiles.


Schiphol will also be installing 5,000 m2 of solar panels and using rainwater to flush the toilets.

The terminal


The construction of the new terminal will provide more room for the growing number of travellers Schiphol serves each day. The light and modern glass-cladded structure creates a wealth of space for arriving and departing travellers, with a focus towards space and efficiency.


Passengers will be able to enjoy magnificent views of the skies over the nearby Holland landscape from the raised plateau for check-in and security, as there will be large windows and skylights in the roof. The terminal’s design is the work of KL AIR – a collaboration between KAAN Architects, Estudio Lamela, ABT and Ineco.


The new terminal will be located south of Schiphol Plaza, on the site of what used to be the P2 car park. It will connect to the existing terminal, while ensuring a stricter separation between traveller flows (arrival and departure). Schiphol Plaza will expand onto what is currently Jan Dellaertplein. That square will therefore be roofed-over. Departing travellers will enter the building one floor up, and proceed directly to check-in and security. Travellers landing at Schiphol will leave the airport via the south side.


The new terminal will be up and running in 2023. It has a deceptively simple design that features a wealth of smart solutions. These include a clearer separation between arrival and departure flows, while check-in and security take pride of place on a raised plateau. All so that our travellers can enjoy more space and greater comfort.

The Big Picture

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