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China Airlines has a fairly phenomenal lounge in Terminal 1 of Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. Designed by Ray Chen back in 2014, the larger of the three lounges is a beautiful designer heaven, featuring both a business class and VIP section that was inspired by the Song Dynasty with a conceptual use of a “southern china style garden.” However, the second lounge, smaller and situated in Terminal 2, was certainly less appealing.

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That has now changed, with the re-opening of the space. The design, which differs from the Terminal 1 lounge, features red plum blossoms and ink wash paintings. It actually has a closer aesthetics to the new generation cabin on new China Airlines A350 aircraft. 

Located in front of Gate D4 in Terminal 2, the lounge covers over 1170 square meters of floor space, enough for over 250 guests. Renowned Taiwanese calligraphy artist BenHang Chang was invited to paint a calligraphy featuring Mt. Jade viewed from afar. Other interior frescoes of landscapes convey a sense of “cultural refinement and scholarly virtues.”

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If the design doesn’t entice, the smell of freshly cooked food will, with a wide range of food and beverages including Chinese and foreign delicacies. The China Airlines beef noodles that are cooked to order are particularly popular with guests.

This satellite lounge is conveniently situated for some of China Airlines’ flights, saving the long walk to the main lounge. It offers a smaller, more intimate space which may appeal to certain passengers, but our favourite still has to be the moody, dark and relaxing space situated in Terminal 1, and more importantly, the VIP lounge-in-a-lounge with its excellent customer service and great interior.

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3 replies on “China Airlines Reopens Lounge In Taipei’s Taoyuan Terminal 2

  1. Not a satellite lounge as this one is right in T2 by boarding gates. Actually, this is the main CI lounge in TPE T2. The other lounge, smaller and located on the floor above immigration, is back to be reserved for CI top elites only.

  2. Yeah, Ben is partially right. The smaller lounge (Supreme Dynasty Lounge) located above immigration is now contract operated and not run by China Airlines directly (so it is not for CI top elites anymore), not is the T1 lounge for that matter. The ONLY lounge operated by CI is in Terminal 2 which they just opened. Source: Am a paragon member

  3. We went there. it was good. the food great, the ambiance of the orient. real culture, not hustlers or hucksters usa.

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