Trip Report: Turkish Airlines B787-9 Business Class September 2019


VRimg File Description

Version: 1.3
Compressed: true
Resolution { width: 8000 height: 8000 pixelAspectRatio: 1 }
Scene { renderTime: 184563 name: “X:Projects_Live1904_THY_B787-9_Animation3_MasterStills1904_THY_787-9_AnimationSetup_034_DanStills_ECYL3.max” }
Camera Info { transform: matrix projection: perspective aperture: 36 fov: 74.9876 targetDistance: 50 nearRange: 0 nearClip: 106.356 farClip: 10000 focalLength: 22.7241 fNumber: 5.6 }
Render Region { renderRegion: false xmin: 2954 ymin: 2374 width: 35 height: 121 }

AO (float3)
Alpha (float3)
L_Direct_L (float3)
L_Direct_R (float3)
L_Fills (float3)
L_Logo (float3)
L_Raft_BURN (float3)
L_Raft_SPRAY (float3)
L_SideWall (float3)
L_SpotIES (float3)
L_Spots (float3)
L_Sun (float3)
L_Window_LEFT (float3)
L_Window_RIGHT (float3)
MultiMatteElement (float3)
MultiMatteElement_01 (float3)
MultiMatteElement_02 (float3)
MultiMatteElement_03 (float3)
MultiMatteElement_04 (float3)
RGB color (float3)
VRayCryptomatte (float)
VRayCryptomatte00 (float)
VRayCryptomatte01 (float)
VRayCryptomatte02 (float)
VRayDiffuseFilter (float3)
VRayGlobalIllumination (float3)
VRayLighting (float3)
VRayRawDiffuseFilter (float3)
VRayRawGlobalIllumination (float3)
VRayRawLighting (float3)
VRayRawReflection (float3)
VRayRawRefraction (float3)
VRayReflection (float3)
VRayReflectionFilter (float3)
VRayRefraction (float3)
VRayRefractionFilter (float3)
VRaySelfIllumination (float3)
VRaySpecular (float3)
VRayTotalLighting (float3)
VRayVelocity (float3)
VRayZDepth_Long (float)
VRayZDepth_Short (float)
defocusAmount (float)
effectsResult (float3)
noiseLevel (float)
worldNormals (float3)
worldPositions (float3)

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