The idea of personal transport is certainly not new, and we’ve seen Uber concepts and real life flying taxis being trialled in Dubai, but to celebrate its 50th birthday, Embraer has given us a taste of how it sees us travelling in 50 years’ time.


‘The Pulse Concept’ is inspired by the first-ever concept car (Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job from 1938). A culmination of Embraer’s vision of the future the Pulse is the first-ever aerospace concept car, which could take over from the private jet products we see today.


We love the nod to retro-modernism with a Jetsons’ vibe to the concept, there’s almost something Gerry Anderson and Thunderbirds about the design with it’s sleek pointed design and glass-laden passenger cabin. Sure this is in theory a bit of fun, but some of the designs, like the Boom supersonic concept, may become reality in the near future.


The interiors aren’t that far off of what can be explored today.The ‘Smart Glass’ cabin with electronic information display is an emerging trend across PaxEx concepts brought on by technological advances. In fact the design of the whole aircraft isn’t too dissimilar to the Piaggio Avanti which is flying today. Also VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing for private transport planes already exists – although still in its infancy).


However what is most striking is the pairing with a land-yacht style car which takes. the passenger capsule and then can transport the passenger unit by ground. While you could argue there’s no need for a car unit with a VTOL product, there’s still something very bling about rocking up at Monaco in a product that even Lady Penelope would be envious of.


While the design is perhaps a little marmite, with it’s sharp futuristic lines and rear facing car concept, what we do love is the fact Embraer have made us feel like kids again, excited about what the future could hold, a vision that fills us full of wonder and right now, in this current landscape of aviation, that’s exactly what we all need. Happy Birthday Embraer, we look forward to the next 50 years.

The Big Futuristic Picture


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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