Even in the midst of a pandemic, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris has continued to update its terminals in a bid to remain a competitive hub for international travellers in 2021 and beyond. The new departure lounge in Halle L of Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport has just opened to the public. As an extension of the shopping area, this space now offers passengers places to work, enjoy and relax, in a style akin to the streets of Paris.

In its increasing efforts to make the behemoth European appeal to international travellers the hub has a wealth of design features that make the terminal feel more spacious and comfortable. In 2012, the satellite terminal – Halle M opened appearing more like the Champs-Élysées than an airport terminal.

Built to increase passenger satisfaction in ratings, the new departure hall was based on answering clear satisfaction pillars of atmosphere and comfort to help drive forward its rankings with ACI and Skytrax.

The Groupe ADP Customer Experience team said, “Our idea is to create a collection of one-of-a-kind boarding lounges which, including quality shopping areas, offer our passengers and all the employees who work there a unique experience of hospitality. In this first section of Halle L, we have invested in so-called “service” spaces to reinvent the experience and offer a “work” space, a “bar and conviviality” area, and a “relaxation” area.”

These oases punctuate the customer’s journey and make waiting for flights a little more fun. And in fact, there are nods to both Schiphol here as well as Singapore’s Changi Airport which is one of the major airports in the world to push this sense of hospitality. Yet, function over form often prevails, which means across the globe most boarding lounges remain fairly standardised, even in the newest of terminals.

Working in partnership with The Malherbe agency helped bring the concept to life. The final execution resembles the Parisian street culture with tree-lined avenues and bold art pieces such as Lila Poppins’ imaginary animals that inhabit the trees of the bar and entertainment area, and Charles Petillon who highlighted the rest area with an installation made of luminous globes suspended from the ceiling.

“For us, it is essential that passengers associate these spaces with Paris and that they remember that this experience was lived with us.” Within the space dedicated to work, the inspiration is evident in the creation of platforms used in Parisian universities, such as the Sorbonne. These large, spacious, and comfortable steps however have an unrivalled view of the Apron and runways.

The bar and entertainment area reflects the scenes in the city’s Jardin du Luxembourg. Also, the large round seats installed there are intended to be conducive to exchange and sharing. The designs allude to the Seine river’s edge, with its trees and small lamps. The terrace adjoining the bar also exudes Parisian culture.

The rest area however is the new space’s masterpiece. It’s iconic, huge cat sculpture will become CDG’s version of Doha’s lamp bear – a highly Instagrammable spot for travellers.

“We are convinced that we must prepare for the resumption of traffic. Our role is to make people want to travel again. In the world that awaits us, the satisfaction of our customers becomes an even more important criterion than before. A lasting mark on their memory is crucial. We must therefore do our utmost to meet their expectations, even surprise them by offering them an unforgettable moment.”

Hat-tip to our friends at Ohlalair for this story.

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