For the Fashionistas that are looking for that little something extra. A designer who isn’t shy of expanding his fashion empire, Karl Lagerfeld, has entered the aviation world partnering with AgustaWestland to create a VIP helicopter interior and exterior for its medium AW139 twin helicopter. This will be the starting point for their collaboration with the possibility to expand the partnership into the rest of their range.

Much like fashion designers twin with car manufacturers, through this co-operation AgustaWestland introduces a new limited edition customized solution and is proud to offer Karl Lagerfeld’s creativity and sophisticated style to its growing customer base. The fashion house will be entering the helicopter exterior/interior design sector for the first time and is excited to collaborate with AgustaWestland on the most successful helicopter in its category worldwide.

Whilst this is an exciting step forward, and following the trend of constantly improving the product design in Aviation, it will be interesting to see how this partnership progresses, and sadly, apart from uniforms designed by fashion designers, a similar concept hasn’t really been embraced by the aviation market. However, with two different designers getting onboard this trend in a matter of a week, perhaps 2012 will see more designers getting stuck in to make our onboard environment a little more ‘special’.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Karl Lagerfeld’s Fashion-Copter Arrives

  1. Oh dear god – is this man for real? The sad-old-sack with his pony tail, 24-hour sunnies and appalling botox-like cosmetic attempt at retaining his youth simply invites contemptuous ridicule and derision. His “creativity and sophisticated style” for a helicopter has already been done to death by luxury-end car manufacturers, hotels, shipping companies and aircraft manufacturers. Is this just another attempt to remain in the public eye…at any price? Please, please, please, tell me – convince me, that this is really creativity and sophisticated style. What bloody next!

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