A new airline has taken to the skies in Europe, flying from Venice Marco Polo. Volotea is the brainchild of Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, the creators of Vueling, and looks to be a contendor as one of Europe’s new metropolitan-style airlines, much like Vueling, serving main airports around the European network at convenient times with convenient schedules. One of the only airlines in Europe to use the 717, they’ve really tried to give themselves an image on convenience and European cool.

In fact, their logo and tail fin treatment is super hip, and created by Saffron, the very same team that branded Vueling. It’s almost guaranteed to be a sure fire hit. It’s graphical element reminds me of a detail of an Italian restaurant’s table cloth, perhaps something they were aiming at. It is familiar, trendy, and young. The colours used are bold and easily identifiable and supremely marketable.

Their website, literature, advertising campaigns and liveries are all seamless, and real consideration has been put into the brand, something which a lot of legacy carriers have only recently invested into, realising the potential behind creating an emotional attachment to their airline.

The launch of a whopping 53 destinations is a brave move, giving them instant network appeal but also giving a huge cost base to service this amount of routes.

When listening to Mr Munoz at the Airline Retail Conference 2010, there was a mention of Vueling starting up a few new initiatives such as browsing duty free at the gate on mobile trolleys only to be purchased and delivered on-board to reduce the need to carry stock and make use of the waiting time that most people endure at gates. I hope to see some of these initiatives launched on this airline. Fingers crossed it will ride the crest of the current European economic crisis!

Let’s hope Saffron get involved with their in-flight magazine too.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Volotea: Europe’s New Vueling

  1. Interestingly enough, the pattern reminds me personally of none of the things mentioned… it reminds me of grandmas tablecloth. I am not sure if I am target audience though.

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