Virgin Atlantic is the epitome of cool. It’s the one airline we all associate with being sexy and slick, and whilst Crawley might not be THE destination that everyone cool wants to go to, Virgin have made it a design mecca that we all want to visit. Home of the Virgin Atlantic HQ, the newly redesigned office reception, as imagined by UK design agency Checkland Kindleysides is a fantastic update on the previous ‘Welcome to Virgin Atlantic’

The slick red floor, and other design touches really compliment the Virgin Atlantic colour palette, and the huge graphic mural on the walls behind the reception desk manage to encapsulate everything their network represents. What’s more amazing is the fact that the design doesn’t just sit in one building. As the Virgin Atlantic HQ is split into North and South buildings, the reception has been identically replicated in each building, just the colours of the soft furnishings manage to distinguish the two receptions from each other.

Personally, I love the desk, made purely from water-jet cut Corian with an embossed Virgin Atlantic logo really rocks the whole area. But for me, the best design feature has to be the strip lights in the reception. On entering they can’t help but make you look up, mimicking a fleet of airplanes are coming in over head to land. Such a simple idea, but the execution is sublime, especially with the reflection in the luxurious gloss flooring.

Honestly from entering the offices only a year or so ago, to this new image, really smacks of Virgin continuing its investment into its staff. VA knows that its staff is its real big competition buster, and as such makes sure they are happy. It’s fair to say a happy office makes for happy staff!

Virgin are suitably and quite rightly impressed by Checkand Kindleysides design. “The elegant design is sophisticated yet maintains a light-hearted touch; typically Virgin Atlantic. ” Jeremy Brown, Senior Design Manager, Virgin Atlantic. And I have to agree, working with the Virgin Atlantic brand in the past, nothing is closer to the ethos of Virgin Atlantic Design than this entrance… Now if only they can work on the outside of the building!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Checking In To The Virgin Atlantic HQ

  1. Sexy and cool – I question both words, since the are boring compared to what a virgin is – potentially much more than red and white – where is the link to more ? Corian can do much more than a mammut desk in a rich mans office – I do not like those offices – they are not heavenly smart or beautiful : so much money and so small ideas, to leave clients on the red floor with sofas dressed with ordinary cushions – hello, we are invited to fly to take off – not to go back, roger.No fantasy is walking in the skyes, no this and that … I could have done better…ask me next time.

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