Well, here it is! Bingo Airways’ new livery for their new A320 fleet. Bingo Airways is the new Polish Charter airline, who is flying exclusively to European sunshine destinations in Greece, Spain and slightly further afield. This bright Red and white livery is what can only be described as a Comic Sans / Willy Wonka plane crash. Sorry to say, everything about this look looks incomplete.

A terrible font choice that looks like it was found in the default font collection on a 1980’s Apple mac mixed with a few non-connected design ideas thrown together. A smiley face, a red nose and what look like Campino boiled sweets for engine nacelles.

Whilst the idea is to create something fun, a sensibility most charter carriers try to emulate due to the nature of their travellers, it feels unconsidered and finished in a hurry. This is the antithesis of what airlines are now trying to do with their airlines, creating an emotional attachment to their brand, whether it be fun, slick, sexy, cool, cheap or luxury. Sadly, I can’t help but look at this plane and feel slightly depressed. Surely smiley faces shouldn’t do that. What I find so remarkable is that a livery such as this is at home in Europe, now the continent brimming full of contemporary and slick designs.

I understand it’s a wet lease and whilst these planes wouldn’t necessarily be decked head to toe in graphic appeal, even using a small surface area, it’s easy to make a great impact. What’s more, their website is a little challenging, offering no brand synergy, yet more jarring font choices and graphics that really aren’t contemporary. Clouds, smiley faces and cute graphics are great, bmibaby‘s site and planes do this brilliantly. Bingo clearly doesn’t put any emphasis on the design of its site or branding, hopefully meaning they’ve pumped all their money into their service offering. What do you think?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

12 replies on “A New Livery? Bingo!

  1. Mmmm… I actually think the “face” is nicely proportioned (looks like a polar-bear in shades), and the stripy engine nacelles are certainly a novelty! The blank fuselage, plain tail and clunky fonts are dull dull dull, however.

    It could be alright if they do something interesting aft of the wings…

  2. Comic Sans…. I don’t even have that installed. Outside of childrens book design, there is no call for it!
    I took 5 minutes in Illustrator and photoshop and came up with something more suitable. Click my name to find out.

  3. I’ll bet you it’s their way of advertising. Everyone is talking about how ugly it looks, but do you realize thaat you are really spreading the word. Think about it. The more you dislike it and more talk about it, the more exposure they are getting.

  4. I find it completely ridiculous and agree with you entirely. Extremely depressing, too, is the A320 farting its way across the upper half of that advertisement.

  5. They just started though – and its such a simple livery that it can quickly be changed (upgraded).
    But why spend a lot of money and ground time to perfect a design now – first they need to prove they can operate efficiently with the first 2ea aircraft – then if they get to earn money that can be spent on fun stuff like re-designed the aircraft livery and website. Remember, this is a charter airline – so the passengers are not exactly choosing to fly in particular with Bingo Airways, they’ve just bought a package tour (hotel + air travel) through a travel broker that have then contracted Bingo Airways to fly for them.

    By the way Johhny Carter: their fleet of A320’s is ofcause dry leased and not wet leased 🙂


  6. there is absolutely no reason to use comic sans in this design, did the designer say it would be more expensive if he/she used Arial? I doubt it, its just BAD BAD BAD design and I challenge anyone to argue a case for it, i’ve read all the comments and none of them do 🙂

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