1950s, a sober uniform, in line with the colors of the uniforms of the Air Force.

We all love a fashion show, and whilst this may not be the first airline to run a fashion show in the sky (we think Sky Europe were the first to do that in the modern Era), it certainly is the first to do a retrospective of their uniforms through the years. This was part of LAN Chile’s 85th year celebrations of serving Chile.

1970’s. One of the most emblematic of the company uniform. Its aim was to represent the Chilean roots.

Onboard flight LA 634 between Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru on the 12th March, fashion models that work with renown Chilean designer Manuel Rojas, showcased uniforms used by LAN’s flight crew throughout the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and today.

1980’s, based on European fashion trends.

“The purpose of this vintage inspired fashion flight is to showcase LAN’s 85 years of history via a fashion show of cabin crew uniforms that represent more than eight decades of dedication to providing the best travel experience to our passengers,” said Andrea Rotman, Director of Marketing for LAN in Chile.

1990s, Vanguard locally. The renowned Chilean designer Ruben Campos was chosen to design these outfits.
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