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Who? Well, to be honest, we hadn’t heard of them before either, shame on us! Welcome to the freshly released image for Epic Air, a new airline for Bangladesh, who aims to start flying commercially in the latter part of 2014. The livery titled ‘The Colours of Change’ has been designed by long running Seattle-based Teague, “reaffirms the airline’s commitment to bring a refreshing change in the airline industry of Bangladesh, by introducing an innovative range of services while setting new-standards in reliability and efficiency.” According to their press release. Keen spotters may notice this is a 737-400 shown here.

The press release continues “The airline’s brand colours – yellow and grey are prominently highlighted in the livery, and mirrored on the port and starboard sides of the airplane, making the livery unique by itself. The checkerboard pattern resembles motion and adaptability that is symbolic of the airline industry and aptly portrays the airline’s philosophy to keep in pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the business to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

737_400_02 (2)

Whilst there is little information on this relative start up (we do know they will be offering a mix of premium economy and economy seats and are planning on flying very short sectors), we like the checkerboard look and the reverse concept on the port and starboard sides. Although the whole thing is fairly similar in appearance (in a pixelated way) to Vueling’s livery. We aren’t so keen on the logotype of the airline, finding the typeface a little blocky and unconsidered, but as far as an overall look goes, we have always loved the mix of grey and yellow. It is modern and refreshing although we can’t help but feel slightly under-whelmed. Still, considering the small amount of Bangladeshi airlines, it will be nice to see a little more colour in the skies.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “Epic Air, Bangladesh’s Newest Start-Up Airline

  1. It is a good news for Bangladeshi people and AME that Epic is going to add a new aircraft, with our prevailing private airlines.So i like to pay salute to them.

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