We love simple architectural design. So it’s no surprise these understated airport seats have caught our attention. Italian leather designers Poltrona Frau have just introduced their new ‘Flair’ Seating concept to Bologna Airport, Italy. Traditionally an interiors specialist for the motoring industry, designing seats for companies such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, the company has continued its new direction of working within the airline industry. Poltrona Frau has already worked with Etihad for the past few years, working on their premium cabin offerings.


Originally launched November last year, the new ‘Flair’ seating concept has been introduced as part of Poltrona Frau Contract’s involvement for part of the refurbishment and expansion of the passenger terminal at Italy’s 7th biggest airport, Bologna G.Marconi airport. In November 2011 the airport launched a major project to restyle 80% of its existing areas.


Poltrona Frau Contract worked closely with the contractor in the waiting area lounges, supplying and installing around 200 seats. Poltrona Frau Contract’s partnership with Bologna Airport involved the customisation of the Nubi seat, a bench with a plywood structure and poplar backrests that stands out for its versatility. Indeed, the Nubi modules supplied can be arranged in different ways to create dynamic compositions.


Flair Airport Seating was chosen for the waiting areas closest to the gates. This product was launched on the market in late 2013 and used for the first time at Bologna Airport. Flair Airport Seating was specifically designed and developed for airport waiting areas. The system combines comfort and functionality with a clear emphasis on style. It was designed by Milan architecture studio Progetto CMR.


Flair Airport System is extremely solid and designed to guarantee high-quality durability over time. Its tough structure is composed of an aluminium bar supported by die-cast aluminium legs. The seat, table and armrest elements are mounted directly on the structure. The system is available in eight different models with different customisable elements such as headrests, footrests, lateral armrests, tables and sound absorbent screens. Hopefully we will see more of these seats around Italian airports in the future. (The shots are from the Milan launch last year)

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