Aircalin has taken the new delivery of its latest A320 as an opportunity to relaunch its livery. Another Pacific based airline, like Fiji Airways and O’hana by Hawaiian, has looked at its cultural roots to offer a unique and considered design, celebrating the culture of the New Caledonian islands it flies from. The original livery featured the same logotype and the Hibiscus flower, (the motif of the airline – and name of their Business Class product) however the new livery has given these elements a new lease of life and tied them together.

“This is an exciting time for the airline; as a lever for local tourism development, Aircalin is affirming its total commitment as a key player in promoting New Caledonia at every airport covered by our network.” says Aircalin CEO Didier Tapper.


The large swashes of colour are certainly bold and will attract attention. The new livery, designed by local PR and communications company White Rabbit, is a blend of traditional symbols and innovative graphics, incorporating sculptural motifs inspired by Kanak art and stylised to create an overall design with an ultra-modern feel.


The livery, with its swathes of blue represent three elements: New Calendonia’s world heritage lagoon, blue skies and ‘fiery’ red soil. Aircalin has retained and enhanced, in white on a blue background, the Heart logo shared by New Caledonia’s 3 Provincial Tourism Boards. Whilst the airline currently flies a small fleet of 2 A330s and 2 A320s, as well as a pair of Twin Otters, the airline will certainly pack a visual punch with the international destinations it flies to, including Sydney and Tokyo.

We like the overall livery concept here, and whilst the red and blue elements are a little contrasting, the general appearance is that of a tropical paradise, and certainly delivers on its premise. The textures on both the engines and the rear of the fuselage, is a welcome addition, adding complexity and depth into the livery, and adding balance to the aircraft, steering clear of the traditional ‘Eurowhite concept’ adopted by its French partner, Air France. Personally, the font choice for the Logotype isn’t a favourite, with large kerning and placement over the windows breaking the legibility.

We look forward to seeing the A330s when they get painted up in the new scheme, and for those travelling to and From Noumea whilst the painting is completed will at least be able to see another beautiful Pacific livery, that of Air Tahiti Nui who are leasing an A340 whilst the Aircalin fleet is in the paint shop.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Aircalin, The Latest Pacific Airline To Celebrate Local Culture

  1. Wow what a gorgeous colour scheme!!! Can’t wait to see how it will look in the flesh – I have always liked the company’s hibiscus logo and this new scheme takes it to a new level although I do agree the red and blue do contrast a bit but I think that’s what makes the colours so striking. Well done Air Calin!!

  2. This is a great livery, reminiscent of Hawaiian, Seychelles and other splashy colorful island airlines. If I would change anything it would be the name placement over the windows, as the darkness of the windows detracts from the lettering.

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