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Changi Singapore has just welcomed a new lounge courtesy of design studio Graven. Housing the Concorde Lounge put together by Honour Branding that we covered earlier this month, this opening marks the eighth Lounge that Graven has designed for British Airways, in locations ranging from Edinburgh to Washington Dulles.


Ross Hunter, Director at Graven said: “BA is one of the world’s great brands and our challenge was to make sure that the lounges were accurate expressions of the company’s brand values.” To do that Graven developed the BA Galleries Lounges Brand Manual, laying out a structured yet flexible approach covering operations as well as products and finishes to be used. “Our experience in brand modelling for complex clients helped us connect our client’s broad brand values and vision to the specific physical and tangible details of the lounge environments.” he added.


The lounge has been specifically designed to suit the time of day BA’s departures leave from Singapore. Graven wanted to create a welcoming premium lounge with the ultimate customer experience offer to support the lounge’s evening passengers. The iconic island mesh bar was created as a centrepiece, with feature lighting above to create some drama. Framing this is luxurious bespoke banquette seating giving customers an opportunity to socialise or relax and unwind into the late evening.

SINGAPORE: New British Airways lounge at Singapore Changi Airport on 23 August 2015

The pattern of the bespoke screens to the bar seating area was inspired by local architectural influences and adds a local flavour to the classic BA Galleries brand as well as the unique artwork by up-and-coming Singaporean and British artists which is displayed throughout the lounge. We like the design influences that are apparent in the Changi lounge, and Graven have opted away from the striped flock seating found in BA’s other gallery lounges that we’ve always found at odds with the rest of the British Airways new brand.

SINGAPORE: New British Airways lounge at Singapore Changi Airport on 23 August 2015

Kirsty Lang, Design Director at Graven said: “It was a fantastic opportunity developing the BA Lounge in Changi Airport. Singapore provided a rich array of influences to create a unique lounge and evolve the classic BA Galleries brand and it has been really well received.” Graven also recently designed the lounge at Washington Dulles International Airport. Angeline Mayhead, Lounge Development Manager, British Airways said of Graven’s design: “The design challenge at Washington was ensuring that we could accommodate the volume of guests departing on our new A380, whilst creating warm and welcoming zones within the lounge.”

WASHINGTON, USA: British Airways lounge at Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia, USA on 01 October 2014 (Picture by: British Airways)
British Airways lounge at Washington Dulles International Airport

“One of the largest lounges in North America and the first of our A380 lounges, the feedback has been tremendous with guests commenting on the thoughtful design scheme and luxurious spaces such as the Concorde Dining Room for guests travelling in First and the stylish Club Bar with views out to the runway and beyond. Graven has successfully continued to evolve the lounge design, adding the ‘wow’ factor yet retaining consistency across the portfolio of new lounges.”

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One thought on “British Airways Opens Latest Galleries Lounge in Singapore Designed By Graven

  1. When will BA finally sort out the shambles and disgrace that are the lounges in Heathrow’s T5? Hoping they realise those are in need of much more than just an updated interior.

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