Aeromexico just revealed their latest bold advertising campaign in a bid to promote Mexico as much more than just its stereotypical global perception. Running at 30 seconds long, the new spot offers a selection on vignettes to dispel the myths around Mexico, and showcase it as a progressive and peaceful destination.

avion aeromexico 06

Part of a new campaign, the airline states that “Aeromexico is undergoing a comprehensive renovation plan focused on innovation. Proof of this can be found in the carrier’s fleet evolution program featuring nine Boeing 787 Dreamliners, considered one of the most modern commercial airplanes in the sky.”

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The airline has actually expanded with great ambition in recent years. Aeromexico’s Chief Revenue Officer Anko Van der Werff spoke about the new campaign “Aeromexico is evolving, and we are looking to break the mold to meet the needs of our customers and enhance their travel experience. We have invested heavily in renewing our fleet, expanding our route network to include destinations such as Amsterdam and Santo Domingo, increasing service to key destinations like LondonMadridParis, and Narita and incorporating new technology platforms.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.01.10.png

The campaign premiered this week on television, radio, print, and billboards, and will gradually include different types of ads and graphic materials. Ogilvy & Mather Mexico produced the campaign.

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3 replies on “Aeromexico Boldly Battles Mexican Stereotypes

  1. The Spanish version of the video is twice longer and much better. It does not focus on Mexico alone, but shows a number of stereotypes connected with major cities broken by a contrasting visual background. A macho man is also there, but the water/juice is changed to a nice meal. Plus the Spanish version is listed on YouTube, so you can always find it unlike the English one.

  2. It is just a bunch of lies, I flu in Aeromexico a month ago and they are still charging extra money for everything, it doesnt make any sense of you are traveling with them for playing in a hockey tournament, they should not charge you for the size of the bag, same shit different name

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