JAL have spent the past few years upgrading their international cabin product.The introduction of the JAL SKY SUITE configured Boeing 777-300ER/-200ER, Boeing 767-300ER, and Boeing 787-8 has “raised the notches one class above in all cabin services.” JAL today announced that the JAL SKY SUITE 787 family will welcome a new cabin configuration for its Boeing 787-9.


This new layout for JAL’s 787-9 makes it the most spacious Dreamliner configuration in the sky. Starting on the Narita-Kuala Lumpur route end of July, the new aircraft will feature 52 business class seats, 35 premium economy seats and just 116 economy seats.


While the industry norm is a 9-abreast economy layout for the Boeing 787s, JAL is the only airline in the world that continues to adopt an 8-abreast layout with increased seat width of approx. 5 cm. wider than the normal 9-abreast economy in an effort to provide customers with additional comfort, something that passengers might crave on Qantas’ long-haul London-Perth route.


The JAL SKY SUITE Ⅲ business class seat is configured in a 1-2-1 layout, offering a bed length of 78 inches and a bed width of 21 inches. The seats also feature a 17″ screen a removable armrest on aisle side with storage for keeping small items, a retractable privacy partition in the middle seat pairs, PC power outlets, USB ports, and 4-stage adjustable LED light on all seats.


The ‘JAL SKY PREMIUM’ Premium economy seats are configured in a 7 abreast 2-3-2 layout (7-abreast), with a pitch of 42″ and a seat width of 19.3″ between the armrests. The screens in premium are 12.1 inches, situated on a fixed back shell, which gives a more “relaxing space even when passenger seated in front reclines” according to the press release. There are dividers between seats for added privacy, plastic bottle holders, cup holders, spacious table and universal PC power outlets and USB ports on all seats.


In economy, the JAL SKY WIDER seats are that super comfortable 2-4-2 configuration, with 33″ seat pitch, and a seat width of 18.9″ between armrests. While smaller, the touchscreen TV’s are still an industry standard 10.6″ and seats feature universal PC power outlet and USB port on all seats. All the toilets will feature TOTO Toilets, our favourite Japanese toilets.



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3 replies on “JAL’s New Configuration 787-9 Is Still The Most Spacious In The Skies

  1. I don’t think this is an upgrade. This is Zodiac Aries, a high density version of the Cirrus reverse herringbone seat. I’ve read many passengers were not happy with this seat when it was first introduced on the 777-200ER last year/ And JAL is the first customer of the Aries seat. There is only one window per window seat, and the center seats are awkward when fully reclined because one seat is higher than the other ‘3D style.’ The original SkySuite (B/E Aerospace Apex Suite) currently installed on the 777-300ER, long-haul 787-8 and 787-9 is much better. But I think the reason why they decided to reconfigure the other planes with this seat is because they want to maximize the revenue by making use of the floor space efficiently. From 44 to 52 seats on the same floor space. The Apex Suite consumes a lot of space due to the staggered layout. But I’m surprised they did not add seats in Economy.

  2. JAL never ceases to impress, with the spacious economy configuration taking center stage. The only airline to have their whole 787 fleet configured in a 8 abreast layout and still manage to turn a profit. Whenever flying to Japan JAL will surely be my first choice in any class:Econ, Prem Econ, Biz and First

  3. This is certainly the airline to fly , being an economy passenger JAL’s configuration is above any other airline when the word comfort and well being comes in mind. Congratulations !

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