Mactan-Cebu’s Terminal 2 was inaugurated last week in front of representatives of the Philippine government, led by President Rodrigo Duterte. At over 65,000sqm the new terminal offers a much needed expansion to allow for greater passenger comfort for passengers departing and arriving in the Philippines’ second busiest airport.


Louie Ferrer, President of GMCAC, spoke about the company’s vision for T2. “For the past years, MCIA’s demand has exceeded the physical capacity of its terminal.  With the addition of Terminal 2, not only will we be able to sustainably cope with the steadily increasing number of passengers, we will also be able to open Cebu to more international flights.”


The terminal which is almost fully operational only broke ground on 29 June 2015, in less than three years, this impressive architectural marvel has been brought to life.


Featuring an impressive wooden ceiling which adds a natural, sweeping element to the terminal, the iconic building is all about space, utilising large glass walls to inject light and to bring the surrounding natural landscape in to the terminal.


The terminal is build around a central vaulted structure, where passengers will seamlessly check in, enter through international immigration and security before heading to their gates. T2 will increase MCIA’s current passenger capacity to a minimum of 12.5 million passengers per annum (mppa). T2 will be Cebu’s dedicated international terminal.


The Duty Free retail environment has been designed to seamlessly fit into this architectural environment. With over 3,000 sq. m. of gross leasable area dedicated to commercial space for the convenience and leisure of passengers.


The whole terminal, and recently announced second runway, is a vast improvement on Terminal 1’s passenger experience, already handling 4.5million passengers a year. This new terminal showcases the country’s investment into creating a world-class infrastructure, something which Philippine Airlines, with their desire to be a leading global airline, will benefit from.

The Big Picture


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