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This is perfectly timed good news for football fans who are headed to the World Cup. Two new business lounges have just opened at Moscow’s largest International airport, Sheremetyevo in time to welcome travellers for the FIFA World Cup, kicking off on June 14th. Both lounges were designed by international transport and hospitality specialists, JPA Design.

Airport lounge_Lounge 2

While the airport has used the same design agency to create two lounges, the general look and feel of both of them couldn’t be any more different. The two distinct characters take different inspirations from the impressive art and culture of Russia.

The first of the two, the Kandinsky Business Lounge, is named after Vassily Kandinsky, the Moscow born pioneer of abstract art. His most famous and influential work is characterised by bold geometric forms and vivid colours both of which are embodied in JPA’s design while reproductions of his work introduce added delight to selected wall areas.

Airport lounge_Corridor

At 1515 sqm the lounge is located in Sheremetyevo International Airport’s Terminal B and can accommodate up to 320 guests. Based around a core reception area, JPA has designed the space to feature two main lounge areas, one at each end of the central reception, connected by a central walkway.

Airport lounge_Buffet Area

The lounge has a somewhat LATAM/Cathay Pacific’esque appeal, and that’s by no means an insult. The lounge is rich in material, texture, light and depth, and features an array of architectural design choices that will continue to surprise and delight guests no matter how many times they visit.

From the sculptural aerodynamic bronze faced reception desk that appears to float above the floor, to the ribbed timber ceilings and neutral wood-panelled walls, there is a modern aesthetic that is calming. A sense of ‘residential’ can be found in the vertical fins that allow veiled views between areas where a quieter ambience is required.

Airport lounge_Cyber Cafe

As well as the usual showers, meeting rooms and sleeping cubicles there is a 70-cover buffet style dining area as well as thoughtfully designed seating options in the two quiet private zones; one for those wishing to work, the other for pure relaxation. There’s a more sociable and dynamic cyber café, two TV viewing zones, a family lounge with adjoining brightly coloured kids’ room and a dedicated smoking room. A library area with recessed alcoves display Russian sculptures to underpin the cultural depth of the nation.

Furniture has been carefully selected from premium brands and is finished in hardwearing natural materials, such as wood and leather.  All feature diagonal lines and dynamic angles, referencing Constructivism, an early 20th century predominantly Russian artistic movement which is also evident in the architecture of the new terminal at Sheremetyevo.  While the style’s basis is industrial, austere and visually powerful, JPA has softened and elevated it to ensure that the interior aligns with the most discerning guests’ expectations of comfort and luxury.

Level 2 Reception

On the other side of the airport, in Terminal D, JPA have also launched another lounge, this one feeling totally different. In contrast the design of the Aeroflot Moscow Lounge in the airport’s Terminal D, is “based on a modern interpretation of Moscow’s neo-classical and vernacular architecture and cultural richness,” states JPA.

Level 3 Lounge

The slightly smaller 1195 sqm business lounge, can seat over 260 visitors, located in a rather peculiarly shaped site spread over two floors. JPA developed an organic plan to unify the spaces and to create the natural flow for the guest journey, while representing the elegant movements of the city’s world-renowned ballet dancers

Level 3 Bar

Two impressive continuous side walls lead guests with ease through the journey into and around the lounge areas.  A ramp gently curves upwards to the raised floor area. Ceilings feature coloured circular coffers replicating a birds-eye view of the polychromatic onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral, whilst JPA’s bespoke designed carpet mimics the Cathedral domes’ forms and lavish decorations.

Level 2 Lounge

Leather wall panels around the lift and staircase core, along with twisted felt panels on feature walls, create beautiful flowing lines. Natural hardwearing materials are used for a variety of purposes throughout the lounge space. The extensive facilities match those of the Kandinsky Lounge, to give guests a truly personal and relaxing experience.

Level 2 Buffet and Dining

JPA Design’s scope of work for the lounges includes: design concepts for the lounges and their facilities, furniture selection, bespoke carpet design and selection, all finishes, layout and flow, signage and artwork recommendations.

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