“2019 will see TheDesignAir’s eighth year operating. If you had asked me 7 years ago when I wrote my first post whether I would still be doing this today, my answer would have probably been a simple ‘nope’. Yet here we are, still writing about the latest product releases, new airline brands, the hottest uniforms or the most impressive airport designs.

The airline industry continues to invest in design and the passenger experience, making the skies more colourful than ever, with more innovative passenger experiences, enhanced comfort (for the most part) and technological leaps forward.

Writing about a passion in easy, but sadly maintaining a website and all the expenses that come with it, aren’t so easy. Every year we wrestle with having a site that is not only easy to navigate and easy to read, but financially viable. While I write this each year, I hope all of our loyal readers understand the need to ask for donations to keep the site alive.


Whether it is enough for a coffee to keep me awake in the evenings, or enough to pay towards hosting, everything helps to keep the site running at full speed. We are grateful for any support you can offer in keeping TheDesignAir running through 2019. Donations are easy too, with a simple click, you can donate via PayPal.

Thank you too for your continued engagement with the site. It makes all of us at TheDesignAir proud and we are thrilled you continue to support us.”

Jonny Clark
Founder, TheDesignAir

Please click on the Donate button to be transferred to PayPal, whereby we will accept all credit cards or paypal account payments.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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