TheDesignAir is constantly scouring the internet for good deals on both airlines and hotels. Not sure if you are aware, but you are most likely one of the majority of global travellers who spend over 25 days selecting their next trip. During our planning it’s easy to have multiple windows open on our browser to the point where our computer has a jealous meltdown.


Thankfully, there is a little bit of hope. Club 1 Hotels is proud to boast it can find some of the best discounted rates on hotels, cruises, airlines and more across the globe. If it can’t find them, it guarantees it will beat its competitors.

Totally free one-year trial

The good news is, this is a totally free trial, no credit card details to put in, no auto-renew, it’s a totally free, no risk sign up and we’ve already compared some of the hotels we were looking at, and they’ve all come up slightly cheaper than we’ve found on the likes of Trivago. So where’s the harm in taking a peek at what they have to offer?


If you end up finding a better rate elsewhere, Club 1 Hotels will not only match the rate, but beat it by at least $10 a night:

Guaranteed Savings Policy

Members receive Guaranteed Savings on every hotel booking made 5-days prior to arrival or cruise booking made 60-days prior to sailing. If you find a better rate for the same hotel, room and rate type (refundable or non-refundable), they will beat that rate by:

  • $10 per night guaranteed savings at 3-star hotels up to $20
  • $15 per night guaranteed savings at 4-star hotels up to $45
  • $20 per night guaranteed savings at 5-star hotels up to $60 up to $100 on reservations $900 or more

If you find a better rate for the same cruise, Club 1 Hotels will beat the rate by up to 5%.


The flights are also fairly easy to navigate, but we found the prices comparable. It’s pretty safe to say though, sometimes you will score a cheaper deal with other sites, but it’s always worth searching on an industry site like Club 1 Hotels too.


Naturally if you are looking for all the perks that a hotel loyalty scheme gives, you are better booking direct, but sometimes these benefits don’t outweigh the discount you can get from a site like this. What is also great is Club 1 Hotels have some fantastic 5-star properties on their books, from Aman to Soneva (two of our favourite hotel brands) and more accessible brands like Conrad, Hilton and Mandarin Oriental as well. In fact, there’s over a million hotels in their books, so there’s something for everyone.

While this is a supported post, we have signed up ourselves, and naturally only want to bring you brands that we trust. We genuinely think it’s a no-brainer, even if it’s just to have another search tool at your fingertips.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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