British Airways recently revealed it’s special livery for the 2012 Olympics. It’s going to be painted on to 9 A319’s and will be used to celebrate the games. This was a winning entry by Pascal Anson, as part of BA’s ‘Great Britons’ competition to get the best in unknown art, food and film to work together with BA.

It’s had a very mixed review, obviously the sceptics and also the art critics have taken strong opinion, whilst some of the general public have taken more of a blind eye to the design, perhaps due to it resembling the tail fin designs that were placed on the BA planes many years back that didn’t really get the totally positive reception that BA expected.

Personal Opinion
I have to say I’m disappointed in this design. British Airways has got great opportunity to do something quite spectacular and strong with their blank canvas, however this overtly delicate and subtle concept will be wasted, as from afar (such as flying overhead) it’s going to be difficult to see. This plane design obviously looks good in a press release and will gain some column inches, but it’s hardly going to be seen by anyone, as most BA planes are boarded by air bridges meaning their view of the plane as they board is obstructed.

Whilst the dove does resemble the last Olympics and the start of the games, and also ‘represents’ peace and unity, sadly the plane just doesn’t cut it as a dove, and I personally think the use of gold makes it looks more like a goldfish than a bird, and the best thing to come from this design is the golden version of the tail fin. That said, the use of painting the top wing surfaces is refreshing and different, and could open the door to future liveries using this space. Who knows, Ryanair might even use it for advertising – nothing like a captive audience!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “The British Airways Olympic Dove

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Olympics (and aviation) and when I first saw this I thought, what in the hell?! The London Games’ image has been nothing but bold. From the jagged “2012” emblem, to the rather odd mascot. I was surely hoping for something very bold like that as the special Games livery. But instead, we get this really subtle “dove” that in my eyes looks more scaley, like it’s a snake or lizard or something. Very disappointed.

  2. I echo your views. It’s a poorly designed livery. Little wonder when you regard who is responsible for it. The artist actually admitted, he was not designing an olympic livery, but a work of art. Hence, the design simply doesn’t cut it as an aircraft livery.

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