Virgin Australia have been trying to bring all their historic sub brands into line, and this latest development in their fleet has brought the Old V Australia brand into line with the rest of their fleet. A new leaf motif has been injected into the cabin, through the seats and carpet, and has been led by Virgin Australia’s Creative Director, Hans Hulsbosch.

Virgin Australia’s Group Executive of Product and Guest Services, Martin Daley said “Virgin Australia’s cabin refresh of the Boeing 777 has been designed by experts in their fields. The redesign provides guests with a fresh interior, plus the comfort and style found across all our aircraft, whilst maintaining the service and inflight experience suited to all guests.”

Personal Opinion
I don’t mind this interior, whilst not to my taste, it’s cleverly put together and the pattern will hide a broad spectrum of wear and tear, whilst injecting some colour and fun into the cabin. The leaf motif I don’t fully understand and, in my opinion, doesn’t fit into the Virgin’s Group ethos of design, perhaps a little dated in appearance. This was a good opportunity to try and unify the Virgin Airline brands and I fear they have done something that will make them at odds with Virgin America or Virgin Atlantic. Whether the interior dates quickly will have to be seen.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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