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Air Canada has announced an amazing 458 seat configuration 77w coming on the line in July this year, including a new premium economy product, something we announced back in May last year. The airline has really stepped up their offering (thankfully), providing a European style cabin to compete with the slightly inferior north American counterparts. We are loving (most of) the new cabins they are offering.

Executive First


The staggered seating that they are now offering in the business class cabin gives a huge sense of space and privacy compared to the current Herringbone format. When thedesignair flew with Air Canada in their Executive First cabin a few years back, the service and food offerings were great, but the seat, (similar to that of Delta or Jet Airways) was like a poor man’s Virgin Atlantic or Air New Zealand seat, and the seat comfort wasn’t as good as it could have been, with a very firm seat, which didn’t lend itself to a good nights sleep. The new Executive First seems to have addressed that, whilst boasting as much as a 6’6″ bed and over 20″ wide is roomy and spacious, but the key fact here is that the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted. And for those wanting a massage, the seat can provide for your every desire.

Premium Economy


A standard 2 x 4 x 2 seating configuration means most will feel comfortable in the cabin, and the seats look identical in construction to those found in Virgin Australia, which although have been quoted by passengers as a little firm, have actually had widely rave reviews. At 38-39″ seat pitch, the cabin is a traditional European premium economy through and through, offering not just extended seat pitch, but wider specialised seating, a real winner in the battle from USA carriers that believe all you need is a little extra legroom. In a further advancement, they are offering a specialised service and dining option.



Why travel economy? Sadly, this is a good question, as on this new fleet, to boost the passenger numbers to this whopping figure whilst still providing 3 cabin classes, the economy seats have been trimmed down to 17″ width to accommodate the 10 abreast configuration, they are also trimming down an inch in legroom, meaning although they will have new seats, the sense of space will be much decreased. Our tip to you, if you are flying to and from Paris and Montreal (The current route they fly on this new aircraft) then upgrade to their brand new premium economy.

Here’s the new seat map.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

7 replies on “Air Canada Launches Premium Economy

  1. The colors look promising though; more sophisticated and warm, compared to the current blue seats. Great to see them adding a premium economy. 10-abreast seating in a 777 is such a hell to be trapped in.

  2. Air Canada premium economy class is primitive, just to lick people’s money. There is no comfort as it is advertised, no room to extend your legs just same as in normal economy. It is way below other world class airlines.

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