Picture 85So welcome to 2013, and business is booming (allegedly) so why not take a review of some of the best business classes available around the world right now. Whether it’s window shopping or a serious decision, our team of experts have scoured the world to find some of the most exclusive cabins available this year.


10. Swiss Airlines


So Swiss has had the formula right for years, and their seat has been copied by many airlines recently such as Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines too, proof of the successful cabin they have created. Stepping aboard you feel like you are in a set for the film The Single Man; wooden veneer, deep warm greys and stunning modern design touches make everything feel like they have a place and purpose. Clean dining and drink options match the environment. Whilst there are no bells and whistles to this stripped-back Swiss product, it is consistent, practical and comfortable. The perfect and honest business class for European business travellers. The seating configuration is one of our favourite options right now, providing privacy when you need it and the ability to travel and talk with a partner if you desire, plus it solves the dreaded ‘step-over-a-sleeping-stranger’ manoeuvre for the usual 2x2x2 seating configuration.

9. Etihad Airways


Etihad‘s newest incarnation of their Pearl Business Class seat may have been around for a couple of years now, but it’s still going strong. Wonderful privacy and clean modern lines really make the airline a contemporary business class that the worldly traveller will have come to expect in this day and age. Fine dining, massage functions, fully flat bed seat, and all seats now having direct aisle access are big bonuses, and each one of these boxes are well and truly ticked. Whilst the ‘World’s Leading Airline 2013’ has an award list as long as it’s arm, the business class cabin itself hasn’t won any awards for the past couple of years, but we here think this cabin is consistently of award winning quality, and firmly deserves its place in our Top 10 list. Plus secretly we are huge fans of the ‘Humbug’ bedding, super chic!

8. American Airlines


OK, so we admit here we aren’t a huge fan of the new American livery, and hopefully with the impending US Airways merger, we will see a more considered and more established tail fin grace the fleet, but there is one thing American have got right, and that is their new cabin offerings. American has now moved on from it’s painful slide-down-into-a-heap-at-the-end-of-the-flight seats and offer fully flat, cocoon seats that offer privacy and comfort more than ever before. These seats have a hint of BA’s First Class offering but obviously at a fraction of the cost. Whilst we haven’t experienced the new inflight service yet, we hope to still get creature comforts such as hot chocolate in a real mug. Whilst American isn’t an airline to fly to get the best dining experience, you’ll never have a terrible meal. For American travellers though who have sadly always had an inferior travel experience compared to the rest of the world, this is a real improvement.

7. Oman Airways


Oman Air is a relatively quiet airline when it comes to news. Although there is something truly elegant about their inflight product. More like the Orient Express than airline cabin, you expect to be sat next to an international passenger set who are more ‘Panama hat’ that ‘peaked cap’. One of the widest seats in the sky at 22inches and at a 6foot 5 inch length, one of the longest too. Calm toffee coloured tones add a sense of style and class to the cabin, and let’s not forget the whopping AVOD entertainment or the pretty spectacular dining options. One of the best bits of the Oman Air business cabin is the fact the cabins are so small and split by galleys each mini cabin feels so exclusive it feels almost as if you have stepped into First Class by accident! We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. In fact, it seems most of you think that, considering it was voted ‘Best Business Class Airline Seat’ at the prestigious World Airline Awards™, run by Skytrax (two years running!) Maldives anyone?

6. Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand always brings a smile to our faces here at Thedesignair. An innovative airline that consistently thinks outside the box to better it’s product. The amazing herringbone seat that is the twin brother of the older Virgin Atlantic seat is a sheer dream to sleep in due to the mattress being a seperate entity to the actual seat. White leather and clean lines though make the space feel light and airy and super slick (although lets see how that holds up in a few years). The best bits though are in the food and drink selections (think amazing new-world wine options here) and staggering library of top-notch films. Let’s not forget their history of tongue in cheek safety videos too! We are planning on a trip across the pond in a few months and hope to give you a full write up report of our trip to give you a detailed analysis. For those who can’t afford business class, their premium economy, which is more space ship than aircraft is more than worth a try too.

5. Eva Air

Picture 14

Eva last year leap-frogged ahead with a brand new business class cabin that is state of the art in all aspects. The muted moss colour tones might not be appealing at first look, but sat in the cabin after a few hours, the mellow tones really aid to a sense of relaxation and calm. The seat, (the same as the American Airways amongst others) is well appointed with more plug points, buttons and lights than an office block, but more importantly it gives you a sense of space that is becoming the normal for all major international business classes. Eva Air has reinforced its position as a major player in the International arena, and against the other Asian carriers where competition is fierce, they are certainly pulling their weight. Eva also has a great network with many business destinations. What’s more, their understated but excellent service is reason enough to travel with Eva. It seems 2013 is going to be the year for Eva.

4. Qatar Airways


Qatar’s experience isn’t just about the flight, and that’s why we love Qatar. Chauffeur services, private terminals, award winning cuisine and service, it is a pure delight to fly with Qatar even before you board. And when you board, the new 787 seating (battery problems permitting) are next generation and competitive with their Middle Eastern counterparts. But the previous seating, which cover most of their fleet is still excellent. Whilst not the most impressive seats on the list here, they are still comfortable, and most travellers on Qatar will happily agree, it’s less about the seat, and more about the whole experience. Winning countless awards inclusive of Airline of the Year 2012 by Skytrax, it is no surprise that the name is on our list, but with the introduction of the new business class seat (pictured above) across the fleet or the improvement of the current seats would boost the airline to the top of the airlines. Still, we are expecting to review the airline within the next few months and will give you a full detailed review.

3. Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic.indd

Virgin Atlantic‘s New Upper Class Dream Suite has helped secure and strengthen its competitive streak within the airline industry. Whilst their Upper Class seat was still far and above most competitors offerings, Virgin had toiled for 4 years to tweak and develop the chair into what it is now, offering more space and more comfort than its predecessor. But it’s not just about the seat, a brand new bar, art works onboard, everything about the airline is about making flying fun again. Perhaps less of a ‘business’ airline, as the airline still only offering mobile phone connectivity on it’s new Upper Class suite planes (read A330’s) and let’s face it, you will be more inclined to prop up the bar than get knee-deep in a spreadsheet on a flight with VS. What’s more, new lounges in New York and Gatwick make for an excellent travel experience on the tarmac too. Whilst the food has improved dramatically this year from how it was, we still feel this is the achilles heel to the airline, and with a better food offering, Virgin will reign supreme once again.

2. Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines mantra should be ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’, as it works for them, the seat hasn’t changed in a fair few years now, but still is one of the widest and most spacious seats in the sky, far outdoing most airlines first class seats, let alone business classes. But the cabin crew, and food are still the biggest selling point to fly with Singapore. Fine china, excellent and extensive menus, beautiful wine pairings and champagne until you are full (and a little giddy) are all reasons to take to the skies with what still is one of the best (If not the best) airlines in the sky. Sadly, they are also perhaps some of the most expensive, as when we have looked at travel options, Singapore has never come up the cheapest option across our flight options. Sadly though, the longest flight in the world, flown by the Singapore Airlines A340-500 in an all business class configuration is coming to an end soon, so the 19 hour excuse to be pampered so much you look 10 years younger when you land is soon to finish, so if you are flying New York to Singapore, make sure you take Singapore Airlines before it is a part of aviation history.

1. Cathay Pacific


So admittedly the third instalment of exactly the same seat here in our Top 10 (American and Eva Air have exactly the same seat – that we don’t need to go into again, safe to say, it’s pretty comfortable and intuitive to use), but Cathay rightfully deserves to take top spot of the three for their difference in customer service. Whilst the image may look familiar and the hard product in many cases is identical to its competitors, Cathay Pacific has never failed to be a market leader and has always been up against Singapore Airlines, Malaysian and Virgin, vying for king of the carriers. What Cathay Pacific has done over the past two years is really impressive in the form of lounges, cabin crew service and frequencies, making them an airline of choice, whilst ensuring their price point still remains competitive. We are huge fans of Cathay, and quite rightly so, their new Business class are our number one for 2013. Now all we need are more reasons to travel to Hong Kong and beyond.

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13 replies on “TheDesignAir Top 10 Airline’s Business Class 2013

  1. Singapore wins for most unique product. Qatar looks the most comfortable. Oman looks the most generous in terms of space. AA, Cathay, and EVA to an extent are almost exactly the same (I like EVA in that their Business class is most affordable and reasonably priced). Virgin and Air NZ are practically the same, but I hate the herringbone layout, you have to sprain your neck just to look out the window and the walls on each side of your seat can make you feel claustrophobic, especially when laying down.

  2. Great list and I completely agree about Cathay Pacific. This seat is such an improvement over their previous herringbone ‘coffin’. I’m still waiting for KLM to show their new World Business Class. Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is working on it and it was planned to be introduced last fall. Ofcourse KLM isn’t nowhere in the same league of these airlines, but their lie-flat-seats are so 2008 😉

  3. I think Cathay deserves to be a first because Cathay started the marketing for the Cirrus seat. Others? Good. Just not as good as Cathay.

    Btw, Cathay has also added features to its seat to make it better. (AA uses the feature-added seat.)

    1. Glad to hear you like the CX seat which JPA Design created for CX.
      Just FYI, Cirrus actually entered the market with US Airways in 2007/08, after JPA Design created the Cirrus seat platform with Zodiac seats.

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