Direct from the US patent office, these schematics have been applied for by Virgin Atlantic, could this be their new seat. Nothing radical here from their previous offering, however it seems a little more streamlined around the head area than the previous suite. This could reduce the comfort slightly, but also provide a larger sense of space in each suite. What does look like an interesting use of space is the interconnected herringbone format. Seems like a clever use of space, although that’s a lot of heads near each other now?

The big reveal will be on the 21st of April 2012, and I look forward to seeing the product. Whilst I hadn’t been given any real insider information, when speaking earlier in the month with Paul Dickinson, ex Director of Sales and Marketing for Virgin Atlantic, he couldn’t contain his excitement for the new product simply stating, “I cannot wait for it to be rolled out”. I think the whole product sell will be much more about the updated service offering, onboard gadgets and new Panasonic IFE system that will be used.

UPDATE: The product has been revealed here.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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