Emirates has launched a new global brand direction, titled “Hello Tomorrow”, which now offers a new brand promise as the company continues its evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand.

Further from Emirates, the new theme is “designed for the age of consumer engagement and empowerment, the new ad campaign is about inspiring people to greet tomorrow’s unlimited potential, now. “Hello” is a greeting; an invitation to a person, a place or an experience. “Tomorrow” is a time, a place, a state of mind – the unlimited possibility of the future. Emirates is extending an invitation to try the unfamiliar, create new ideas, and form new visions. The theme encapsulates life’s potential and embracing the future with all the possibilities it holds.”

The campaign was created with Emirates lead communications partner Strawberry Frog, the world’s first Cultural Movement agency. “We’re building on decades of innovation in Emirates marketing to launch this new and innovative movement for the world’s most thoughtful and incredible brand,” said Scott Goodson, Chairman of Strawberry Frog. “This bold next step for the brand will offer people who love the brand or want to experience the brand, inspiration to participate in this brave new world and spark new connections and experiences achieved through travel.

Personal Opinion
Emirates has been running off its product offering and network for a while. Most passenger opinion is based on the Middle East carriers offering a superior product and network offering. However, Emirates has managed to profit from the Kangaroo routes and cheaper costs between point to point, due to a undercutting of costs due to the stopover required in Dubai. The cheaper costs appeal to the student and gap year travellers, and this advertising campaign is definitely targeted at them.

That said, it is refreshing and comforting to know that Emirates is aware of its competitors and is working to generate a new customer base and give itself a more international tone and direction, appealing to a larger audience. The approach is similar to that of the new BA campaign, based on emotional connection rather than product offering. I look forward to seeing how this branding campaign continues to manifest itself.

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