For those who are regular visitors to my site may notice a few recent changes, from a new website address ‘‘ to more Top 10 lists and recently added Trip Reports. This is all part of a campaign to expand and develop the site further to offer you more editorial, more competitions and more interviews with leading experts in the industry.

Over the next few months we will be initiating competitions on DesignAir, and it’s associated Twitter feed and Facebook page, so you can win loads of exclusive airline goodies, don’t forget to follow us so you have further opportunities to win with DesignAir. We’ll also be interviewing a host of well known industry professionals about upcoming developments in the aviation field. Trip reports will be bigger and better, showcasing a real honest and in-depth experience of the airlines products.

The increasingly popular Top 10 lists will come out every month. Below is the schedule of each Top 10 and when it will come out throughout the year. So don’t forget to keep checking TheDesignAir to see if your favourite airline places in the lists.

The Top 10 Lists

January Top 10 Business Classes
February Top 10 Airline websites
March Top 10 Airports
April Top 10 Liveries
May Top 10 Economy Classes
June Top 10 Uniforms
July Top 10 Low Cost Carriers
August Top 10 International First Classes
September Top 10 Inflight Entertainment Offerings
October Top 10 Airline Brands
November Top 10 Airport Lounges
December Top 10 International Destinations

In the meantime, as DesignAir continues to grow, we continue to value your opinions and comments, so don’t forget to comment, like us, or even email us at

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “TheDesignAir To Offer More In The Next Year

  1. To clarify, these will be updated annually, so each year we will review our Top 10 and update. As for running the site myself. Whilst I manage the site, I have a small team of professionals that consult on the site too now.

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