Working on the Inflight Boutique for KLM for a couple of years, I personally know the hard work and effort that goes into the layout and photography of an inflight catalogue. It seems though, that KLM have lifted the bar on what we have come to expect from the world of duty free. Launched on a flight to New York a few days ago, the new ‘Sky High Collection’ which has taken over from the KLM Inflight Boutique features some stunning product photography from Dutch photographer Carli Hermès. The new collection features items from Dutch designers and the reinstatement of Liquor and Cigarette sales onboard.

The launch itself was in usual KLM fashion, as they know how to throw an event in the sky. Cabin crew members turned the aisles into a moving photography runway, the excellent black and white themed shots being showcased to the passengers before being mounted in the cabin, turning the aircraft into a 36,000ft high Art Gallery. Whilst questions could arise, on how well the products are showcased and what this will do for revenue, you can’t help but be in awe of the photography styling. The shots now make the magazine look more like a giant billboard advert, and with the constantly changing product range, it will be interesting to see how this photography arrangement continues into the future, but it’s a bold and brilliant statement.

Passengers are becoming far too familiar with the aviation experience now, and airlines are having to work harder than ever to fight passengers expectations, from film choices, to food options, and now it seems, to the duty free catalogues. KLM have a great ethos when it comes to their product, they constantly are evaluating what they offer, to see how they can better it, and with such a large talent pool in The Netherlands, when it comes to design, they are spoilt for resources to develop and improve their brand image. This year should see the launch of the new Helle Jongerius World Business Class cabin.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “KLM Aim Sky High!

  1. Excellent job. I may be a bit biased as a Dutchman, but in all honesty, KLM is definitely thinking outside the box and it’s good to see they are using designers from their home country; Marcel Wanders for the cutlery and tableware, Mart Visser with the FA uniforms, Blond Amsterdam for catering packaging and Hella Jongerius for the new business class. Next to that they really know how to work with social media (here in The Netherlands, the percentage of people using social media is skyhigh so it’s an excellent opportunity for them). KLM has never been a trendsetter compared to the other bigger European airline companies. They are doing in what they’re doing best for many years and with these little things they know how to stand out.

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