Revealed at Hamburg’s Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, American showcase their new interiors for the current 777-200 fleet, designed to match the new look 777-300 aircraft already flying with the airline. The retrofit is scheduled to commence later this year. There are a few changes though, especially with a new look customised business class seat, which whilst close to their 777-300 Product, has a few design differences.

The retrofit offers significant updates throughout the entire plane. These include a two-class cabin configuration with American’s new Business Class seats, complete with fully lie-flat and all-aisle access giving you a spacious, personal and private inflight experience. These ultramodern seats are fully adjustable and convert to 6-foot-4.5-inch fully lie-flat beds to ensure a rested journey from beginning to end. And each Business Class customer will have aisle access to a walk-up bar stocked with a selection of snacks and refreshments. What is interesting is the fact the airline has announced rear facing business class seats in this herringbone format. (You may notice the rear facing seat in the photo at the top)



Business Class cabin highlights:

  • Fully Adjustable forward-and rear-facing Business Class seats that transform into fully lie-flat 6-foot-4.5-inch beds with more sleeping space
  • Aisle access at every seat, meaning easier access to move about the cabin
  • International Wi-Fi capability keeping you connected anywhere on the globe
  • Universal 110v AC power outlets and USB ports at every seat
  • A 17-inch touchscreen monitor offers up to 250 movies, more than 180 TV programs and more than 350 audio selections
  • Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets for use in flight
  • Walk-up bar stocked with a selection of snacks and refreshments
  • Amenity kits that double as tablet cases, stocked with Dermalogica® skincare products


In addition, the airline will add 45 Main Cabin Extra seats to offer you up to six more inches of legroom to stretch out (we whole-heartedly recommend this extra splash of cash if you can afford). In each cabin, American is offering increased connectivity and updated inflight entertainment including international Wi-Fi and extended personal in-seat entertainment with more than 200 movies, 180 TV shows and a large collection of games and audio programs. Throughout the plane, customers will also enjoy a modern interior, with unique lighting, a dramatic entrance archway, and ceiling design that creates a feeling of spaciousness.


Whilst we still aren’t sure how the reverse herringbone format will work, we are impressed with the look of the new cabin seats in business class, and hopefully will have a few more photos for you soon, here on thedesignair.net. Whilst passengers are still looking at 10 abreast seating in economy, the extra seats in economy comfort mixed with wifi and touchscreen entertainment will make any journey more a little more enjoyable, if a little more cosy.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “American Showcase Retrofit 777-200 Interiors

  1. The new seats look really nice, but I am trying to figure out the reason behind developing a brand new backward+forward herringbone product for the 777-200 though. I do see perhaps 10 inches saved if there are an even number of rows in the cabin, but is that worth the extra investment (as well as the risk of some pax complaining about seated backwards) vs just using the Cirrus seat on the 777-300ER? Have I missed something?

  2. The 10 across seating in economy is horrendous, look how narrow the aisle is. That’s a real deal breaker for me for sure

    1. Well 10 across seating is very common in the 777. Only a couple airlines like JAL still has 8 across seating.

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