Amber Le Bon in VS Onesie

One of our guilty pleasures here at is onboard pyjamas. Give us a set and we are friends for life. Virgin Atlantic have been offering their understated black pyjamas for years, and whilst they’ve varied in size and fit over the past few incarnations, they’ve remained a constant fixture in the back of our wardrobes. Imagine our excitement when Virgin announced that they would be introducing a limited edition onesie, in collaboration with über cool Norwegian brand, OnePiece.

Amber Le Bon in VS Onesie

Available on just a few select night flights across the Virgin Network, the onesie is a first for the aviation industry. As modelled by Amber Le Bon – daughter of music legend Simon Le Bon and supermodel Yasmin – she was the perfect choice to model the onesie with her British, rock n’ roll and fashion roots perfectly complimenting the spirit of Virgin Atlantic and OnePiece. The new Virgin Atlantic onesie is simple and chic in the classic black with a cheeky slogan, “sleepy head” on the back. Designed as a fashionable yet fun alternative to the popular Virgin Atlantic Upper Class sleep suit, passengers will be not only super comfortable, but sort of geek-chic cool.

Amber Le Bon in VS Onesie

If we start turning up in meetings in a onesie, please blame Virgin Atlantic. Now let’s let Amber give you the full story…

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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