Launched today, with the smell of fresh paint still in the air, Brussels Airlines inaugurated it’s new product: “The Loft” at Brussels International Airport. A fantastic slick new business lounge that puts the heart of Belgian excellence. With this new lounge concept, for which Brussels Airlines has cooperated with top brands and designers, Brussels Airlines “sets a new quality standard in hospitality”.


After numerous investments over the past few years in the in-flight product of its short-haul and uber luxurious long-haul flights, Brussels Airlines Chief Commercial Officer Lars Redeligx announced an addition to the new feel carrier today, with the opening of their on the ground offering ‘The Loft’, situated at Brussels Airport ‘A’ Pier.


Staggeringly, more than 300,000 guests visit the lounge each year; each of them spending an average of 74 minutes in the lounge – that’s actually a fair bit of time. From now, passengers will be welcomed in to a lounge which is incomparable to any other lounge at Brussels Airport, both by size and finish. In a move that all airlines are now adopting, the lounge has been entirely designed based on feedback from and interviews with frequent flyers. The Loft is a massive four times the size of the previous lounge and can host up to 300 travelers. The total surface of 1240m² is made up of eight different “hubs”, each with their own function – think ‘different zones’ depending on your mood.


Brussels Airlines hasn’t held back the budget, teaming up with both Microsoft and Designit – Europe’s largest Strategic Design and Innovation firm, to create a unique and adventurous digital experience for The Loft. Thanks to the partnership, guests can borrow a Surface Pro 3 during their stay in the lounge which acts as their personal concierge. On an installed app ‘Connected Lounge’, passengers can actively engage with the space for example, booking a shower room, or see the availability of the brand new ‘nap boxes’ or even book a meeting room. The app also keeps passengers informed about the status of their flight. Telenet offers its video on demand service Yelo for free on the Surface Pro 3, so passengers can enjoy movies and series while in the lounge. Those who prefer to use their own tablet can download the Connected Lounge app on their device.


The brand new showers feature LED lighting and music that changes depending on the mood chosen when entering the bathroom – something Delta have been innovating with for a few years, to help reduce jet lag. The ‘nap boxes’ are semi-private and comfortable beds where lounge visitors can rest between connecting flights. The meeting room and work stations are designed with furniture from über-cool design firm Bulo. Frequent flyers with a HON Circle or Senator status can book a meeting room for themselves and their meeting partners.


As well as the investment in technology, service is core to The Loft product. The lounge hosts and “Maitre de Lounge” have followed special butler training to assist passengers during their stay.


The true Belgian character of both Brussels Airlines and The Loft are reflected in the “living” zone, where the universe of Belgian-local Tintin is everywhere you look. Autogrill chefs have been brought in by Brussels Airlines to provide renowned and truly Belgian brands. The beer offered in the Belgian Bar for example, is provided by Inbev, while JAVA is responsible for the coffee. The best of Belgium continues as even Maredsous prepares the cheese in the lounge. The offer is completed with extensive assortments of healthy breakfasts, salads, beer snacks and a whole range of freshly made quiches(yum) and meat. Furthermore lounge guests can enjoy, among others, authentic Belgian waffles (a must!), rice pudding, apple pie and chocolate mousse made with Callebaut chocolate.


The new lounge – available now, along with their brilliant new business class is yet another reason to try out Brussels Airlines.

The Big Picture

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6 replies on “Brussels Airlines Wow Us With New Contemporary Flagship Lounge

  1. Dear Jonny, I am preparing an article on Brussels’ Airlines new lounge. I would like to use some of your pictures for the article as the carrier has not provided any so far – besides a few on their twitter account. Would you mind my doing so ? Of course I will credit you and provide a link to your article. Thanks in advance for your answer. All the best

    Jérôme RENAUD Rédacteur

    Air Info +33608215000

    Le 23 oct. 2014 à 18:19, DesignAir a écrit :

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  2. Beautiful and smart lounge design execution. Love the combo of woody modern (all most Scandinavian) design mixed with some Art Nouveau floral arabesque Art facts, – Very brussels!! – because it was in Brussels that the Art Nouveau style originated around the 1890s thanks to a pioneering group of architects, including Victor Horta, Hankar, Cauchie, the Delune brothers, Blérot and twenty or so of their colleagues, established its worth (walk the city to discover it !). You can spotted it in the lounge over the circular Bar ceiling, Glass dividers etc… and of course the sweet presence of our intrepid world explorer Tintin 🙂 and all the delicious Belgium gastronomy etc…make this lounge a “Real” Belgian branding experience. Bravo Brussels Airlines !

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