Heathrow Airport

Back in October 2014 we were able to experience Plaza Premium‘s brand new lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2. The lounge itself was virtually empty as we arrived at 5am for one of the first fights out of the terminal that morning. Situated near the transfer desks the lounge is both impressive and spacious. Costing £38 for two hours, it is good value for money, offering a dark and sultry haven whilst waiting for your flight, away from what will become a very busy and populated terminal in the future.


The spread of food on offer was great too, as it was early morning there was already a range of tasty British breakfast options on the menu from pastries and muffins to a serve-yourself English breakfast. As we were there early morning, we didn’t experience the full lounge offerings, including day beds for those wanting to sleep, or the showers or spa treatments. Instead we tucked into a hearty meal before boarding our flight. Also to note was the really fast WiFi, although being the only users of the lounge, we would hope this was the case!

photo 5

The design of the lounge is very aesthetic, with a myriad of finishes and design details, and the way the lounge is laid out, even without windows onto the airport (sadly) the area feels spacious and light, and not at all claustrophobic. There are plenty of small areas to make yourself comfortable, and one section is even held off for the Singapore Airlines first class passengers, who have their own waiting area should they need it within the lounge. All in all, this space, in all its designer-glory reinforces how right Heathrow have got it with their Terminal 2.

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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