Opened Yesterday, Mumbai’s new Terminal 2 GVK Lounge drew our attention to a terminal we unforgivably had overlooked when it was opened earlier this year. We take a closer look at both lounge and its stunning architectural home.

The GVK Lounge


This opulent and breathtaking lounge is spread across an area of some 30,000 sq. ft in two levels – Level 4 and 3. The GVK Lounge has a total capacity to accommodate 440 guests at any given point in time. It hosts some of the most innovative facilities and latest technologies in the form of Concierge Services, Smoking Zone, F&B, Bar, Luxury Spa, Shower Area, Relaxation Area, Library and a Business Centre, in keeping with MIAL’s ideology of encouraging product, service and design innovation to complement the overall ambience, design and architecture of the new terminal T2.


Dr. GVK Reddy, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, GVK said, “At GVK CSIA, it has been our continuous endeavour to enhance traveller delight, and the new GVK Lounge at T2 will successfully take this effort to new heights. The lounge reflects a kaleidoscopic vision of the dreams of India and the pulse of Mumbai, and is themed to give the travellers a blend of world class local ambiences at the airport. We are confident that the travellers will relish the service experience offered in the GVK Lounge. Airlines can now offer a unique and luxurious lounge experience to their discerning passengers and the “pay per use” concept means no upfront investments and lower operating costs for Airlines.”


Embracing local design, the lounge has been conceived by India’s celebrated fashion designer Sandeep Khosla and Mumbai’s highly acclaimed architect Alfaz Miller, ABM, based on a concept by Softroom Architects, UK. The lounge has two differing design styles, with Level 4 decked out in a gold theme, while the silver theme flows through Level 3. A bit like a magic eye picture, the spaces certainly have many variations of geometry, pattern and form. There is also swathes of opulence dripping from the interior design of the lounge, from the texture with the use of colours and hues, and a layered approach with reflective surfaces adding to the tactile and visual appeal of spaces to establish the luxurious nature of the venue.


The GVK Lounge also has strategic lighting display that draws inspiration from a rich palette of Indian light, filtered through the country’s nature, architectural environments and celebrations. Selective palettes of amber, red and gold, dusk and water garden have been interwoven to offer a top-notch world class feel to the entire lounge space.


The large space has been separated into three key areas, a First Class Lounge, a Premium Lounge and a Business Class lounge. First class guests can enjoy top level amenities such as à la carte dining, and individual spa treatments, and will have access to facilities such as relaxation rooms, shower facilities and a concierge services. The kitchen crew, with a strong set of Indian and international talent, will transform the à la carte dining area into a gourmet restaurant upholding highest culinary standards.


Premium Class travellers will benefit from fast access to an exclusive lounge environment on level 4, the same level as the First Class lounge. A generous seating set-up of 170 seats guarantees privacy and personalized service with care to details. There is also an opulent buffet area, a live Tandoori kitchen, a juice bar, and even a whiskey lounge.


Business Class passengers, have access to the lounge on Level 3, which offers more privacy than in most other comparable lounges internationally. The lounge includes a buffet area offering a range of fresh Oriental, Asian and International dishes. Even in the business class lounge, passengers will enjoy a number of additional services such as foot massages, a smokers lounge, and a barista service.

The Big Picture

Mumbai’s Terminal 2

GVK has built the new integrated Terminal 2 as an iconic mega-structure (measuring 4.4 million sq. ft.) that will set global benchmarks in airport infrastructure development. Featuring a highly compact design by New York based SOM, T2 will have the ability to handle 40 million passengers annually. Traversing across four-levels, the vertical and compact design of T2 integrating all operations (International, Domestic, Cargo, Ground Handling, Security, Retail etc.) under one roof enables enhanced passenger servicing and operational efficiency of GVK CSIA.


The new airport terminal will also be home to India’s largest public art programme, in the form of a 3 km multi-story Art Wall, illuminated by skylights, that has over 7000 pieces of artwork & artefacts from Maharashtra and also every region & corner of India. Titled Jaya He (Glory to India), it captures the expanse, depth and beauty of Indian art, craft & cultural heritage, while initiating the visitor into experiences that lie beyond & convey a distinctive narrative of India’s incredible diversity, living in multiple centuries simultaneously.

Check-in islands

The design of Terminal 2 draws inspiration from India’s national bird – The Peacock It portrays the magnificent character of the White Peacock, representing flight, as well as rare beauty. The architecture of the new airport terminal quintessentially reflects India’s proud heritage & draws on its rich culture — it unmistakably & proudly presents a new contemporary India & its possibilities. Throughout T2, there are fixtures and details, such as 1000 chandeliers inspired by the lotus flower, a Diya curtain with 10000 diyas waiting to welcome international travelers and the check in hall which is inspired by 1000 white peacocks in the sky.

Mega Roof

T2 Highlights In Numbers 

  • Spans across 4.4 m sq. ft. area
  • Dedicated 6-lane, 3.2 km elevated expressway shortening travel time to T2 from Western Express Highway
  • 208 Check-in counters as well as 23 domestic & 30 international security pedestals
  • 60 emigration counters on departure as against just 38 now and 72 immigration counters on arrivals as against just 40 now
  • 52 boarding bridges compared to 20 now (Domestic + International)
  • 10,900 seating capacity, 102 toilets, 161 elevators and escalators
  • Retail footprint of 200,000 sq. ft.
  • Lounges, 1 Day hotel & 1 Transit hotel
  • 10 Baggage carrousels, expandable to 14
  • Automated baggage system handling 9600 bags per hour
  • 90% passengers can be served by AeroBridges
  • 200,000 sq. ft. landscaped garden
  • Flexible design for facilities to adapt to change in traffic pattern & peak time; domestic & International can thus share same facilities at different times
  • LEED Gold certified

Baggage Claim

In Summary we are thrilled and excited to see Mumbai offer a truly modern airport terminal, whilst embracing and celebrating local traditional design and aesthetics. There is great reason to fly to Mumbai now, especially with most International airlines utilising the new Terminal 2. It’s about time we took a trip!

The Big Picture

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