Etihad Airways has introduced innovative new inflight products and enhancements to its long-haul and ultra-longhaul cabins, lifting the level of its acclaimed onboard service in First, Business and Economy Class. The new upgrade program is also being introduced across the rest of the fleet with products naturally varying on flight duration.

“Inspired by the world’s finest hotels, the First Class service includes a personalised welcome letter from the Cabin Service Manager and an elegant silver-tray reception service with a welcome drink, fragrant hot towel and traditional Arabic dates.” state Etihad in their latest press release.

We are pleased to see this upgrade in product, as passenger expectations constantly increase, this new service offering will match the image set out by the carriers new A380 and 787 fleet.

First Class

First Class dining is to feature elegant new chinaware by Japan’s famed fine bone china producer Nikko, and designer ‘Royal Oak’ cutlery by quintessentially British brand Studio William. Fine wines from Etihad Airways’ onboard cellar will be served in red and white wine stemmed crystal glasses created for the airline by Lucaris.


Everything has been brought into line with the new-look brand. First Class dining will now include a new contemporary menu design, an enhanced selection of canapés, a pre-dessert course served by the Chef, a ‘Café Gourmand’ coffee and tea course accompanied by mini cookies, cakes and pastries, and a signature XO Cognac served in new Cognac glasses by Norman of Copenhagen.


It seems the roll out of interior soft products will coincide with cabin refits. “Cabin dressing has been refreshed and each suite will include a luxurious throw and cushion which reflect the colour palette of the new interiors being introduced by the airline, beginning with the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The First Class turn-down service will be accompanied by a ‘Sweet Dreams’ card, an accompaniment to the all-natural bed linen, pillow mist and pulse point oil.”


Business Class

In Business Class, there are further nods to the ‘hotel in the sky concept’; a new turndown service is offered on ultra-longhaul flights, featuring a mattress, cotton loungewear and slippers. A plush comforter and full size pillow are now provided.


The popular ‘Dine Anytime’ option remains with an ‘All Day’ menu now offered on longer flights. A contemporary new range of dining ware features signature pieces including a stylised steel bread basket, salt and pepper shakers, and a hammered metal side dish which have been inspired by the airline’s Facets of Abu Dhabi corporate branding. Stylish new trays, chinaware, cutlery and tall, stemmed wine glasses add the sense of sophistication and flair for which the airline is known.

Economy Class

With a focus on more choice and personal space, Economy Class has been refreshed with new cabin interiors, and new colourful headrest covers, pillowcases and fleece blankets are now standard onboard. Menu cards, tableware and meal trays have been reworked to match Etihad Airways’ focus on contemporary design and functionality.


On longhaul night flights and all ultra-longhaul flights, a revolutionary new pillow, unique to the airline, has been designed to convert from a standard pillow to a neck pillow, providing neck support and improved comfort. A cotton drawstring amenity kit is also provided and includes a simple yet purely brilliant reversible eye-mask with ‘Do not disturb’ and ‘Wake me for Meals’ printed one each side (making us go “why didn’t we think of that”). A convenient blanket bag which doubles up as a ‘cabin tidy bag’ will be placed at each seat in Economy Class, reducing clutter around the seat and which can also be used as a shoe bag or to store personal effects.

There is so much innovation going on here, even above and beyond the hard product, showcasing why Etihad is one of the leading airlines of the world.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Etihad Hint Further At Hospitality Influences With New Onboard Product

  1. Just came off an economy flight with EY. The neck pillow is genius! Still not very padded so not super comfy but still a genius idea! The sleep mask idea is a good one but I found in the dark cabin environment that I was still ignored and completely missed my meal. Either they didn’t/couldn’t see it or my head was down which in both cases makes the innovation useless. Emirates uses stickers on the headrests, an idea I still think is a great one because no matter what sleeping position you are in…the cabin crew can see the sticker and react accordingly.

    We didn’t get a “cabin tidy bag” so I can’t comment on that aspect. They definitely need to work on their catering in economy though…if pax are walking off a plane hungry…and the food is bland and tasteless…you have a problem!

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