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Etihad Airways had a big day today, inviting media and VIPs to see the real interiors of both A380 and 787. To coincide with the reveal, the airline showcased its much anticipated new uniforms at a spectacular show in Abu Dhabi, “paving the way for a new age of glamorous and sophisticated flying,” according to Etihad. We couldn’t agree more, they have basically written the rule book for luxury flying for this decade with their latest product launch.

With a subtle nod to its Italian connections (now being a partner in Alitalia) Etihad instructed Italian Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta. Created at his atelier in Milan, the new uniform cleverly merges dramatic elements of old world haute couture from 1960s Paris and Rome, with the more contemporary fashions evident on the runways of London, New York, Milan and Tokyo.

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Not shying away from a spectacular event, the airline unveiled the new creations as the grand finale to what has been a momentous year for the airline on the world stage. Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer of Etihad Airways said: “Ettore, working with our teams, has once again delivered a new uniform which will showcase our brand with characteristic flair at every city on our ever-growing network.

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“The world has been paying very close attention to us this year and our new collection will not disappoint. It is the embodiment of the Etihad Airways brand, service ethos and unshakeable commitment to excellence, marking our arrival as a leader of sophisticated flying.”

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To help introduce the uniforms to a global audience, the airline went all-fashion, recruiting multi-award winning, New York-based photographer Norman Jean Roy to capture a breath-taking set of images of the new collection. The photo-shoot took place on the majestic sand dunes of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert and on location at the exclusive Qasr al Sarab desert resort.

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Made from 100 per cent Italian wool, the uniforms feature an intricate jacquard design and were made in various locations across Italy, with additional manufacturing taking place in Shanghai, Tunis and Bucharest by a dedicated team which totalled approximately 400 staff. Uniquely, approximately 30 per cent of the outfits were handmade or hand-stitched.The new uniforms will be introduced system-wide from 27 December and will be worn by Etihad Airways’ cabin crews and ground teams, and feature new designs for the airline’s Butlers in The Residence by Etihad, First Class Inflight Chefs, Business Class Food & Beverage Managers, Cabin Managers, Cabin Crew, Flying Nannies, and airport and lounge teams.

We have to admit, we love the uniforms, they are stylish, well executed and showcase the airline as a truly modern airline. The colours used are cleverly combined to both complement the interiors and stand out in the airport. Whilst the uniforms look super-sexy on these slim individuals, the real test would be how they work with the variety of body shapes found around the world. Either way, we are hoping they will sell a capsule collection of the back of this, we need a new suit!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Etihad Launch New Uniforms In Time For New Fleet

  1. they only hire skinny good looking people anyway. No need to worry about their paid off apathetic citizens to kick up a stink.

  2. Flew with them 2 days ago. The new uniforms are nice but definitely don’t work for all skin tones! I do love the leather gloves though.

    The one thing i noticed though is that they don’t stand out in the airport environment as much as their competitors (for example, EK and their red hats always stand out no matter what).

    Definitely an improvement over their old uniforms though.

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