It’s always good to see a new herringbone seat enter the market, and yet most passengers may not even know the array of seats on offer. The wealth of herringbone seat designs have a myriad of differences. Designed by London based JPA Design and Jamco, these brand new seat designs (first seen at AIX in Hamburg this year) have learned from the previous versions currently on the market. By the simple reconfiguration of seats now offer increased passenger space, featuring a larger ottoman at 21″ deep and 20″ wide and the seat offers 21″ seat width that turns into a fully flat bed measuring in at 78″.


Dubbed the ‘DoveTail’, the product is aimed at the higher-end of Business Class and is Jamco’s next foray into the aviation seat market. It follows the Company’s launch of its ACS Journey Business Class seat for the A350, enabling Jamco to capture the differing market segments.

DoveTail TOP-BED

“Through its clever layout there is a 10-15% gain in the main area of the ottoman/toe box, which enables optimisation of available space across the cabin. This gain also offers passengers a personal environment with more surface area for a restful sleep, along with several personal storage options at their fingertips. It features a beautifully streamlined large, single leaf table for dining and working, which pivots neatly out of the centre console. With a class leading 18.5 screen, LED reading lights, in seat power, USB and HDMI ports, DoveTail is optimised for the next generation of IFE.” state Jamco and JPA Design on their new product.


Our good friend Ben Orson, Managing Director at JPA Design adds; “DoveTail has been an exciting and at the same time a challenging product to design and develop. Throughout this process and to get the design absolutely right, we have built a series of mock-ups, honed the ergonomics with subjects from around the world, refining elements on feedback to ensure that the final product is right. JPA is constantly looking ahead to understand the possibilities of how we can improve passengers travel experience for tomorrow and the years ahead. With the launch of DoveTail, together with Jamco we feel that we have created a best in segment Premium Business Class seat that not only offers the airline space savings within the cabin but ensures that their customers have a relaxing, comfortable journey within a sleek and beautiful environment.”


There are elements we really like here, the space seems more intuitive, and the natural interlocking footwells seem to offer a lot more space per passenger, removing the narrowing foot-coffins that these seats can suffer from. These seats may be new products and currently not on any aircraft, but we have no doubt that customised versions of these very models will be taking to the skies in the near future.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “JPA and Jamco Release The Latest Herringbone Seat

  1. Nice Reverse Herringbone premium business class seat. I do hope that the NEW MALAYSIA AIRLINES CEO will pick this design and set the standard for Revamp and Branding.

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