No, Starfleet Academy hasn’t just done a flash mob. China Airlines has just introduced a brand new uniform, which replaces its softer pastel-coloured uniforms that have been synonymous with the Taiwanese carrier for many years now. The new look, designed by Oscar-nominee costume designer William Chang, features bold colour blocks in sharp contrast–such as red and violet and white and blue-gray.

【新聞照2】華航新制服發表 再創旗袍新時尚

As part of their next-gem program, which has seen advancements in their fleet and hard product, China Airlines has showcased its latest development, to coincide with China Airlines’ static display of their brand new 777-300ER at Le Bourget in Paris this week.

China Airlines Business Class Trip Report

The uniform, which has three different colour combinations for both women and men representing each crew role, is a fusion of a traditional Mandarin gown and modern Western fashion, Chang said.

【新聞照5】 華航新制服發表 再創旗袍新時尚

“I am designing fashion, not a uniform,” Chang said at the inauguration ceremony. It opened to a mixed reaction and we can understand why, however, we can’t deny this is a dramatic change for the carrier, who has embraced a more modern attitude towards its brand image. A common concern with uniforms around the world, the skirt length is perhaps a little too long, and we would have liked to have seen this raised a few inches, and tapered in to the leg to offer a more flattering finish. But this length has probably been brought in to be sensitive to cultural differences as well as offer a little more dignity when operating the aircraft (due to the dexterity required when serving, or preparing the plane.)

【新聞照3】 華航新制服發表 再創旗袍新時尚

Our favourite design has to be the female white and slate look, which is by far the most elegant, however, the red and violet look for the main female cabin crews has a very iconic and instantly recognisable look.

【新聞照4】 華航新制服發表 再創旗袍新時尚

The men’s duotone block jackets are very fashion forward with Michael Kors and BOSS both featuring this look in recent catwalk shows, and the addition of a red accent on the lapel helping tie them back in with the female uniforms. The uniforms will come onto the line in August this year.

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6 replies on “China Airlines Introduces Futuristic New Uniforms

  1. Bold & Modern. I like it. The old uniform looked a bit dated and generic. I absolutely agree with the length and tailoring of the skirt. The uniform for the gentlemen looks stellar.

  2. Not a fan. The skirts have weird creases and are ill-fitting. The two-toned men’s jacket looks like two pieces of incongruous fabrics sewn together.

  3. I absolutely loved these new threads. They really are iconic.
    looks very elegant and have also taken into account the cultural aspects of Taiwan. Well done china airlines!

  4. Wow, that is a terrible new design. The male stewards uniform is hideous. Their previous two iterations of uniform were good designs but this new one is simply one of the ugliest uniforms.

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