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Royal Brunei today introduced their new look website, which appears to be more than just a skin-deep change. The update in look and feel is timed to coincide with their adoption of the new Amadeus e-Retail platform, allowing customers now get stuck-in to their itineraries on a variety of levels and a variety of devices.

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The new content rich website features new ancillary services and also includes a new “Manage My Booking” feature that will allow passengers to view and update their booking details at any time. “The fully reworked Amadeus e-Retail has been designed to significantly improve the user experience for customers with a more modern look and feel, enhanced usability, shortened flows, greater clarity and additional customisation capabilities. In addition, the new user interface has been designed in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to support airlines in their efforts to comply with the US DOT accessibility mandate,” state the airline.

flyroyalbrunei Website Infographics

All in all, the overall website product is much better, and showcases the airline’s product to the best of their ability. Something we’ve always really liked are simple clear route maps, and detailed information on airline’s inflight and ground services and this has been addressed with the new site, along with an easy booking flow. This small edition is just another part of Royal Brunei’s butterfly proposition including new uniforms and 787 Dreamliner.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Royal Brunei Update Website For A Better Experience

  1. Despite widespread condemnation from human rights groups around the world, Brunei has become the first country in East Asia to adopt Sharia Law. Punishment for ‘crimes’ such as adultery and sodomy are punishable by flogging, dismemberment and death by stoning. Thanks, but I’ll give this airline a pass; as should anyone with a conscience.

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