TheDesignAir Launches ‘Passenger’s Choice’ Top Airline Brand 2015 Search


Voting Now Closed! 

TheDesignAir has launched its very first Passenger Choice Award, where our readers get to have a say on the Top Airline Brand for 2015. Whilst the judges have given us their opinion, you also had your say on which airline you feel deserves to be recognised for having the ‘best brand in the skies’. Voting has now closed and the votes are being counted and the winner announced at the mid September both in print in Airways magazine and online here on TheDesignAir. Everyone could only vote once, as IP addresses and cookies are logged to keep this as fair a competition as possible.


  1. Ben

    Any prizes in participation?

  2. Calvin Lee



    Very well

  4. Chin- Jung,Chen

    As Above(email)

  5. Melody Chang

    I love China Airlines

  6. Jumelle

    Very friendly. Really enjoy it!

  7. Jumelle

    CAL is the best!

  8. Daniel Chen

    Can more language

  9. KAO chug lung

    China airlines

  10. Yakov

    I love boarding and look forward to my next flight

  11. Huang chinyun

    nice aircrafts, kindly attendants, delious foods and elegant louges

  12. horng shui Hwang

    China airlines is a very good company.I like it very much! Thanks!

  13. David Lee

    China Air is the best

  14. Lynda James


  15. R VELAN

    its very good product, am geeting service locally

  16. Jennifer Lee

    China Airlines

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