TheDesignAir were happy to see that Air France had their own set of luggage, currently available on their Flying Blue Shopping site. Air France is already well known for their designer touches to the aviation, so partnering with Delsey, its no surprise the result is a fairly slick set of luggage. Available in three sizes and three colours (Black, Grey and Blue) we thought we would take one of the hand luggage cases on the road through 2016, to see how it holds up.

As you can see from our case, it’s in pristine condition, and the areas we’re going to keep an eye on include the wheels, zip and handle, which in all our previous cases took some serious wear and tear. There are a few elements we already like, including the red airline logo, which can also be seen as a repeating graphic that makes up the case texture and internal fabric pattern, and the signature red zip that makes this case inherently Air France. The case also features a lock, which is TSA approved too.


You’ll see our bag feature in our trip reports from next month onwards. Stay tuned to see how the bag stacks up.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “TheDesignAir Takes Air France Luggage For A Test Ride In 2016

  1. The current red logo really says absolutely nothing; unlike the former graphic of the Tricolour, which adorns the tails of Air France’s aircraft, and is instantly recognizable.

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