Australia’s Gold Coast is set to receive a very contemporary new terminal ahead of the Commonwealth Games in 2018. Construction is just about to start on a new terminal building which will rise to three stories tall and feature 4 jet bridges.


With over 6 million passengers a year, the airport is one of Australia’s largest airports by passenger figures, including flights to and from China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and even Fiji, it’s a surprisingly global airport. The new ‘Lift Project’ is designed to modernise the airport, and create a breathtaking airport able to withstand the influx of extra passengers during the Commonwealth games.

The new design will add an extra 25,000 square metres of floor space, but the $300million investment will also go towards developing the airport airside with work done on taxiways and improvements to the ground transport facilities such as new taxi stands and bus stations. The majority of the redevelopment will take place to the south of the existing terminal and apron.


The new design from Cox Architects will be the first impression to many athletes travelling to the area in 2018, and the architect firm has also won the contract for the design of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, which will be home to the swimming events at the games.


We really admire the new design, which marries open space, free form geometric design and the warm natural colours of the surrounding area. There is plenty of flaura in the design, with trees housed indoor, and planting overflowing the false roofs in the terminal building and large window lights to let in natural lighting.


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Posted by:Jonny Clark

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