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Malaysia Airlines this week unveiled its first A330-300 aircraft fitted with brand new fully-flat Business Class seats. The new seats have just starting flying on the Kuala Lumpur – Sydney route.


As we reported back in November, Malaysia Airlines new Business Class seat is a great step up from the current angle lie-flat seats, although the layout doesn’t provide each passenger with aisle access. It’s not totally bad news though as 90% of all seats having direct aisle access due to the 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 seat layout. This seat configuration is a smart move for Malaysia Airlines who is currently restructuring and the seat configuration offers the perfect balance of passenger comfort and commercial sense. The seat offers a pitch of 44 inches and a width of 20 inches. When extended the seats convert into a bed 76 inches long. The seats come with increased working space and extra stowage space for personal items.

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Each seat is equipped with a 16-inch touch screen in-flight entertainment system. The seats may look familiar to those found on Aer Lingus’ new A330 business class, but that’s because both seats are by Thompson Aero’s long standing partner Factorydesign, a UK based leading product design and aviation specialist company.


Speaking at the event, Paul said, “This marks the start of an exciting product roll-out for our Business Class customers to experience. The Business Class cabin refurbishment will be carried out in stages on all 15 of Malaysia Airlines’ A330 aircraft by September 2016.”

“With the launch of our new seats, we are confident that Malaysia Airlines will be the first choice for travel to, from and around Malaysia. We are also confident that these seats will further improve and strengthen our premium product and service offerings,” he added.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Malaysia Airlines A330-300 Starts Flying With New Business Class Product

  1. jetBlue Mint class utilizes this seat config for their narrow-body jets… MH should’ve employed 1-2-1 config for A330.

  2. The guy in these photos is laughing thinking about the poor schmucks who’d book the double-seats forward and aft of his far more spacious single-seat. I’d be furious if I ended-up squeezed next to a stranger in a double-seat row while in front of me and behind me passengers were lolling around in twice the space alloted to me. Even traveling with my spouse, I’d book each of us a single seat.

    Honestly, this looks like a cabin with alternating rows of First Class and Business Class. I predict a short life for this ill-conceived configuration.

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