The first of three new GOL Lounges in Brazil has just opened in Guarulhos T2 showcasing the carrier’s new direction for their ground product. Available to all passengers on GOL as well as Air France, Delta and KLM codeshares flying from T2, the new lounge replaces the fairly depressing and basic previous incarnation.


“The VIP lounge was designed for customers to enjoy a warm, modern environment with a wide range of high-quality products and services to offer customers from GOL and our alliance partners with the most exclusive airport experience,” said Paulo Miranda, GOL’s Director – Products and Customer Experience.


Featuring familiar motifs such as the tiled floors, repetitive tessellating patterns and natural materials found through the trendiest of outlets in Sao Paulo, the lounge represents São Paulo and Brazil with local sensitivity.


The new lounge features noise cancelling technology, designer lighting and leather chairs to create a comfortable and intimate environment for travellers. While the main area is open and encourages interaction with travellers, it also features more private booths which serve as workspaces.


The design is a mixture of Mad Men meets Narcos, and there’s something comforting about the contemporary-retro blend in finishes, furniture and colour palette implemented in the space.


We have spent plenty of time in the previous lounge incarnation, and while we were somewhat disappointed, it is what we expected from a traditionally low-cost carrier based in Brazil. This new space far exceeds our expectations for such a carrier, and is more what we would have expected from a carrier such as Delta, KLM or Air France.


While KLM and Air France both enjoy the luxurious T3 at GRU, GOL and Delta will benefit heavily from this new lounge offering. Delta and GOL are co-located at Terminal 2 of Guarulhos International Airport. For the airlines’ customers, this co-location offers seamless connectivity and an easier baggage re-checking process after clearing customs, as GOL’s counters are located immediately outside the secured customs area.


We love the showers, with their designer ‘black lego brick’ toilets, however the chances are you will more likely find us propping up the new bar or tucking into the impressive spread of food now on offer. Congratulations GOL on producing a truly international lounge for your passengers, and your international partners.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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